Las Vegas drivers may be struck by someone who disobeys a red light

Las Vegas, NV – A number of car accidents are caused by a driver’s failure to obey a traffic control device. In common terms, this usually means that someone went through a stop sign, red light, failed to yield, or committed some kind of action that resulted in them going directly through an intersection without stopping or paying attention. When police officers see this kind of activity, they can pull the driver over and issue a citation. However, even if there are no tickets issued, but this behavior leads to a car accident, the same mistakes can still be relevant in a civil lawsuit.  

How often do people go through red lights and stop signs while driving? 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are about 139,000 people injured annually because of drivers running through red lights and causing crashes. Their research also showed that a driver goes through a red light approximately every twenty minutes during peak travel times at busy intersections.

These violations are defined as a driver entering an intersection any time after the light has turned red. Drivers who are young, do not have a valid driver’s license, and those who speed are the most likely to commit these offenses. They are exceptionally dangerous because the vehicle is exposed to traffic coming directly towards it after disobeying the stop signal. 

Some jurisdictions have reported decreases in these behaviors after installing red light cameras, however there are evidentiary problems in most states with allowing such devices to take pictures that cannot be independently authenticated. Nevada does not use cameras at intersections. 

Taking legal action against a reckless driver

The victim can retain an injury attorney to use all available evidence, including evidence that the driver at fault went through a red light, to try to win a verdict or settlement agreement for damages. An accident lawyer will attempt to show that the defendant’s violation of a traffic law was a direct cause of the collision and associated injuries. If successful, the plaintiff will receive money through a settlement agreement or jury verdict. This can include the costs of medical treatment, hospitalization, lost wages, and vehicle repairs. Even if the victim has insurance and has already filed a claim, it is still possible to bring a civil case. 

The specific value of any given case is usually determined by things like the severity of the resulting injuries and costs of repairs. 

Accident attorneys can file a civil lawsuit for their clients

There are lawyers in the Las Vegas area who focus on bringing cases against drivers or businesses at fault for any kind of motor vehicle collision. Southwest Injury Law is an experienced local firm that is available to clients who desire high quality service and representation. 

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