Las Vegas pedestrians are vulnerable to careless drivers while walking through the city

Local news reported that a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle in the Northwest Las Vegas Valley area.

Elderly man is killed by a van driver while walking in a traffic lane

The incident happened at around 7:45pm near the intersections of Buffalo Drive and Washington Ave. Local police believe that a van was driving southbound towards the Summerlin Parkway. The trooper with the local police who started the investigation said that the van struck a pedestrian who was not in the crosswalk, but walking in a travel lane. The same officer confirmed that the man had died at the scene. 

The Clark County Coroner was later able to confirm the man’s identity, and it was reported that the victim was a 91 year old male. The investigation results concluded that the man died of blunt force trauma from the crash. They do not believe any foul play was involved and the incident was ruled as an accident. Footage from the scene showed multiple police vehicles that responded to the area.  

Right after the crash, the roads in the area were closed and drivers were advised to avoid the area. A full investigation will still be conducted between Clark County law enforcement and medical personnel. 

Lawsuits following motor vehicle accidents

After most serious or deadly accidents, the victims and their families will look to bring a civil lawsuit against the person or entity at fault. This is possible because victims are allowed to bring a case against a negligent driver, even if they are never charged criminally or given traffic citations for causing an accident. A personal injury lawyer only has to prove that they were careless on the roads, which led to an accident and injuries to the victim. 

Damages related to car accidents

An overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by drivers who make various errors. This can include simply not paying attention, or more egregious actions like texting or drinking while driving. Regardless of the cause, the driver responsible will be found to be at fault for insurance purposes and will often have to pay out damages to the victims of their carelessness. These damages can include medical treatment, hospital bills, missed time from work and lost wages, or even non-economic damages related to emotional pain and trauma. Your lawyer can explain the exact value of your case and the process to bring a civil lawsuit through the court system. The case will end with a settlement or jury trial. 

Talk with a local lawyer about your case

There are attorneys in the Las Vegas metro area who focus their law practice on helping accident victims. To learn more about how you may be able to receive compensation, contact: 

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