Admiralty Law

See: maritime law

Admiralty Court

See: maritime court


An outdated term for a female administrator -- the person appointed by a court to handle probate on behalf of someone who died without a will. Now, whether male or female, this person is called the administrator or, in some states, personal…

Administrator With Will Annexed

An administrator who takes the place of an executor under a will. The administrator steps in either when a will fails to nominate an executor or the named executor is unable to serve. Also called administrator cum testamento annexo or CTA.

Administrator Pendente Lite

Latin for "administrator pending litigation." The person appointed by a court to begin probate proceedings during a lawsuit that challenges the will. The administrator pendente lite takes an inventory of the deceased person's property and handles…

Administrator De Bonis Non Cum Testamento Annexo

An administrator appointed by a probate court to take over probate proceedings when the named executor dies, leaving the job unfinished.

Administrator De Bonis Non

Latin for "administrator of goods not administered." The person appointed by a probate court to finish probate proceedings when the executor or previous administrator can't finish the job.

Administrator Cum Testamento Annexo

See: administrator with will annexed

Administrator Ad Prosequendum

See: administrator ad litem

Administrator Ad Litem

A person appointed by a probate court to represent an estate during a lawsuit. (Ad litem is Latin for "during the litigation.") An administrator ad litem is appointed only if there is no existing executor or administrator of the estate, or if…


A person appointed by a probate court to handle the distribution of the property of someone who has died without a will, or with a will that fails to name someone to carry out this task. (See also: administrator ad litem, administrator ad prosequendum,…

Administrative Procedure Act

A federal statute establishing the rules and regulations for applications, claims, hearings, and appeals involving governmental agencies. There are similar acts in many states which spell out the rules for dealing with state government agencies.…