Law Firm Link Building Services

  1. The link building program will focus on 10 keywords per city.
  2. We uncover the EXACT words / phrases your prospects are searching online.
  3. A profile page will be created on providing two permanent links.
  4. will publish one blog article per week.
  5. Articles will be put on and other well ranking legal sites.
  6. will be responsible for all content writing.
  7. Blogs are updated weekly and include one blog article submission per week.
  8. Each article will include at least one link to your law firms website.
  9. Articles will include the name of your law firm and a contact phone number.
  10. Clients may increase the amount of funds to increase the speed acquired and total number of inbound links generated.



1 website
One article per week
At least one link per article
Your firms contact info in the article
Cancel any time



1 website
One article per week
At least one link per article
Your firms contact info in the article
Two months free

Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other sites to your own. Search engines use these links to “crawl” the web. Google among other search engines use these links to discover new web pages and determine how your site should rank among others. The more relevant links your site acquires the more likely your site is to appear on the first page of Google. Mastering the art of building quality legal links can put you ahead of your competition.

Lucky for you we’ve already mastered the process of link building for legal sites. Through years of successful SEO for law firms we are able to publish blogs on well ranking legal sites giving you high quality legal links. Good link building will help your firm build your brand. Your firm being featured on other attorneys sites will show your expertise in the legal field.

And it’s great that you do. Every law firm should have an SEO company working for them. Just because you already have an SEO company working for you doesn’t mean you should avoid getting high quality legal links if you have the opportunity to. Allowing us to promote your firm via blog articles will only compliment the work your SEO company is doing for you. Making it easier for your law firm to be found on the first page of Google.

We share all of our blog articles on social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Any articles we publish for you are included for no extra cost. Social media helps these articles receive more traffic which in turn helps your law firm’s brand get seen by more people.


Strategies and techniques used by to create, grow and implement the Link Building Services will be communicated in advance via a phone conversation or email upon initial outlay.

Initial Setup for your Link Building begins within 5 business days of your completing the Strategy/Intake phone consultation.

Understand, other than keywords and proper site XHTML code, the most important element of SEO is that of in-bound links.


***** Advanced search engine optimization that works for your website, getting extra high ranking back-links each month *****

Our services are contracted for only one business per contract and only one profile per client on our support social sites. If you own/run multiple businesses, we will perform our services for one business entity. In the event you are a parent company, one legal business entity will need to be assigned for our services. Otherwise, additional monthly fees and service agreements will be required for additional businesses and profiles.


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