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ABOUT Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C.

A full service Law Firm focusing on Marital and Family Law

Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. is a true boutique law firm, focused on helping our clients achieve their goals in the areas of family and matrimonial law. Since 1997, we have demonstrated how capably we manage negotiation, litigation and high court appeals of the most complex, contentious and emotionally charged issues related to matrimonial law. If you are searching for a family law or divorce attorney in the New York metropolitan area, consider that we are:

Established - In practice almost 20 years, C & L has built a preeminent reputation among our legal peers and has won accolades from those we serve, including a client distinction award. We practice in all NY courts, from trial through every stage of appeal. Our success has presented us with many opportunities for growth, but we remain small by choice, so we can continue to deliver the same quality representation for which we've become known.

Innovative - Many firms advertise personal service and make that an important part of their process. C & L goes further - our dedication to personalized representation actually shows in the product. Because we're small by choice, we can devote more one-on-one time to clients. We delve into the unique facts of your case and develop innovative strategies for achieving your goals. Time and again, we're able to present creative arguments that do more than win cases; they set precedent. At C & L, our commitment to your success means that if the law leads to an unfair outcome, we lead the courts to change the law.

Effective - New York is the most competitive marketplace on Earth, with the highest expectations of performance. The legal arena is no different. C & L has produced results because we have the ability to advocate at the highest level and the tenacity to pursue fair outcomes even when the law itself gets in the way. In just under 20 years, our two-attorney firm has won more than 13 recorded cases. These are appellate decisions where the attorney's argument was persuasive enough to force a change in how courts interpret the law. Our contribution to the development of New York family law through appellate decisions is out of proportion to the tiny size of our boutique practice, and clearly demonstrates that we get results.

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