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Immigration Law for Business and Individuals.

The Gokey Immigration Law Office engages exclusively in the practice of immigration law. The firm successfully represents businesses and individual clients throughout the United States and abroad. Our business clients come from a wide variety of fields, including information technology, biotech, the medical field and academic institutions, to manufacturers, investors, contractors, dairy farms and sports teams.

Our goal is to reduce the stress and uncertainty of immigration process by helping our clients with expert advice and a rapid, reliable, predictable process. We offer an open, accessible law firm, ready to assist with your employee's or family member's immigration needs.

Our full range of immigration law services includes nonimmigrant business visas (B1,H-1B,L-1,E-2,TN and others), as well as permanent residency (green cards) based on employment (EB-1,EB-2,EB-3), investment (EB-5), and family ties (spouse, fiancé, relatives). We also advise businesses on work authorization issues, and assist individuals with naturalization.

We welcome any inquiries you may have regarding our services. Please contact us by telephone or email to request an appointment or telephone consultation regarding your immigration needs.

Our Focus

The mission of Gokey Immigration Law Office is to provide excellent, rapid, and reliable immigration legal services at an economical price and to reduce the stress and uncertainty of the immigration process for our clients.

Quality Legal Services

Our firm keeps up-to-date with the complex and ever-changing immigration system through extensive interaction with government agencies, attendance at immigration meetings and seminars throughout the United States, and significant involvement with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We are familiar with the legal and procedural requirements of all government agencies with whom we interact, and our commitment to the knowledge of current regulations and information enables us to offer our clients innovative and strategic legal representation.

Quality Customer Service

Our firm is committed to excellent customer service. We are a "hands on" law firm and strive to give all of our clients immediate access to our attorneys and staff. Our goal is to provide our clients not only with top quality legal representation, but also with excellent customer service. In our effort to remain "hands on", we work extensively through email, Internet, Skype, telephone and courier services. For business clients, we routinely provide on-site legal representation and seminars.

Competitive Fees

Our fees are also designed to reduce stress and uncertainty in the immigration process. In many cases we can offer a flat fee after an initial consultation, so clients know exactly what the process will cost. Our clients authorize the legal services they require and are only charged for what is requested.

Our areas of expertise include:

Employment-based Visa Petitions

Nonimmigrant Petitions

H-1B Professionals

J-1 Exchange Visitors, including J-1 Waivers of the 2-year Home Country Residency Requirement

L-1 International Business Transferees, Executives and Managers (L-1A) and Specialized Knowledge (L-1B)

O-1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

F-1 Student Issues, including Work Authorization

TN status for Canadian and Mexican NAFTA Professionals

P-1 Athletes

E-Treaty Investors

Immigrant Petitions

Employment based permanent petitions, including EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3, cases

Labor Certification (PERM)

EB-5 Investors

Employment Eligibility Compliance

Defense of employers during government I-9, H-2a and H-2b audits and enforcement actions

Contractual and legal I-9 compliance for contractors and subcontractors

Federal contractor E-Verify compliance

I-9, H-2a and H-2b Audits

Family-based Visa Petitions

Nonimmigrant Petitions

B Visitor Visa Applications

K Fiancé Petitions

Immigrant Petitions

Alien Relative Petitions

Adjustment of Status Applications, including

Permission to Travel and Employment Authorization

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Analysis

Applications for Removal of Conditions of

Permanent Residence Citizenship

Naturalization through U. S. residency requirements

Citizenship certificates through U.S. citizen relatives.

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