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Over 1000 patent & trademark procurements & licenses. Litigation with multimillion-dollar settlements. Legal work at fixed fee, hybrid & share models. High quality work at startup & small business-friendly rates. Free consultations.

Imagine these important days for your business:

You’ve spent years creating, nurturing and honing your tech/biotech to build your world-class business. You’re finally ready to pitch key VC’s for a $10 million Series A: tomorrow. When you’re asked what strategy you’ve used to protect your IP, and their “standard” IP due diligence is mentioned, will you be ready?

You’re an entrepreneur and everything that means: CEO as well as Chief Bottle Washer, working 8 am to 11 pm year-on-year to make your visions a reality. Sales have been picking up, slowly but surely. Your ambitions and perseverance are coming to fruition - because today you got that big contract! But to fulfill it & compete, you know you’ll need overseas manufacturing, but how so without theft of your IP? And your new opportunities will come from some marketing sharks, but what kind of NDA will really protect you?

You’ve built your brand from a family business to real sales via Internet channels and clever marketing. Except just today you received a cease and desist letter over alleged use of a trademark from the major player in the industry. Your brand name is nothing like theirs, and they’re already paying top dollar to lawyers to shut you down, starting with an opposition proceeding at the US Patent and Trademark Office. How can you afford to take them on, and win?

So, these are some questions for you:

Can that infomercial about inventions really get you litigation-proof patents, or do you think you’d be pawned off on any patent agent who’ll do the work (inexpensively to make their margins, once their sales agents are done with you)?

Do you think you could get the help you really need from a big, general practice firm without cashing out your life insurance? And is it possible you’ll pay top dollar for the firm name, but really end up with a second-year associate?

How about referrals from friends? Do you think that personal injury lawyer is up for this work? Do you think that small firm that wrote your patent and got you a trademark could really handle your complex matters? What would it be worth to you if that firm could also handle legal issues keeping you up at night - and at the same cost?

Lastly, will you get a free consultation from an attorney with multimillion-dollar settlements under his belt? How about having served over 400 small businesses & startups and obtaining over 1000 patents & trademarks? Or representing numerous Fortune 500’s over two decades of practice?

We’re IP Law Leaders, and that’s where we come in . . .

Remember that with bet-the-company issues, you can't afford to procrastinate, and you can't afford to cut on quality . . . But you can be wise about the spending . . . And we'd love to hear from you!

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