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Co-Chair, Marital Property, American Bar Association; Board Certified Family

For over 35 years, Mr. Resnicoff's practice has focused on family law issues. He always takes a practical approach, the ultimate goal being to help his clients get on with their lives. When children are involved, clients' rights are important; keeping in mind the best interest of the children is paramount. With divorce matters involving property distribution, Mr. Resnicoff works to maximize the net results for his clients while minimizing unnecessary litigation expenses. With support issues, he keeps in mind the probable outcome and best way to get there without undue time and expense. With paternity issues, he strives to ensure his clients are protected and properly represented. Now that no-fault divorce is the law in New York, Mr. Resnicoff views this as an opportunity to help his clients deal with the other relevant issues.

Mr. Resnicoff has spent a considerable amount of time dealing with interstate issues and has become very familiar with jurisdictional issues, especially when they will prove beneficial to his clients.

In family law, nothing makes as much of a difference as experience. Mr. Resnicoff is a skilled Lake Success, New York, family law attorney offering a substantial background handling high-asset contested divorces. He has the resources to consult industry-leading experts in securing an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. Put his legal skills to work for you. Contact his law firm today to address your family law concerns.

The no-fault divorce legislation encourages divorcing couples to avoid placing blame for the marriage's collapse. Divorcing couples focus more on addressing their children's needs and pursuing a fair division of martial assets and debts. From his law office in Lake Success, Mr. Resnicoff is committed to protecting the best interests of his clients through offering a variety of family law services, including:

-Divorce including high-asset divorces

-Asset division

-Child custody

-Child support

-Interstate custody and support

-Interstate divorce issues

Mr. Resnicoff will apply his hardworking approach to help clients achieve their current and future goals. He will remain frank with clients, so they are fully informed on the progress of their divorce. If you are looking for an attorney to fight for a fair settlement agreement, put Mr. Resnicoff's experience to work for you.

If you are considering filing for a divorce in New York, contact the firm today to schedule a convenient, no-hassle consultation. Mr. Resnicoff's experience level is key in developing an effective legal strategy.

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