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Protecting Your Children. Protecting Your Assets. We understand what's at stake during a divorce and work hard to safeguard your interests.

Dedicated To Family Law Concerns

Our firm assists in a comprehensive range of family concerns, including:

• Asset division — The equitable division of property and other assets is a difficult undertaking, especially when a couple has accumulated significant wealth. We facilitate accurate appraisal and discovery, and ensure that spouses receive their fair due.

• Alimony and maintenance — In New York, judges have a great deal of authority when deciding support payments. It is crucial that you are able to convey what you need to maintain your standard of living.

• Child custody and support — Children are the priority in any divorce matter. Ensuring they receive the proper care and support is essential. We work rigorously to make certain their emotional and financial needs are met.

• Domestic abuse — Charges of household violence must be taken seriously. Victims need immediate and ongoing protection.

Those who find themselves accused require adamant legal representation. We know the severity of such charges and inform our clients of their options.

In all matters, we strive for resolution. Yet if no agreement can be reached through negotiation or mediation, we will thoroughly prepare for trial. We tailor our representation to meet the needs of your case.

Legal Guidance To Support Your Future

If you would like to learn more about our services, reach out to the Law Offices of David Bliven today.

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