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Criminal Defense and Immigration Lawyers serving Southern California with 50 years experience.

Lluis Law has over 50 years of combined experience serving the Los Angeles community in criminal, immigration and civil law. Since its inception, Lluis Law has maintained the same office location for over 40 years.

Lluis Law has dedicated itself in protecting the rights of our clients to the fullest extent of the law and providing the last line of defense.

The attorneys of Lluis Law are dedicated to the interest of our clients and are there when needed and provide the help needed when its needed.

A Law Firm with a Long History in Los Angeles

Lluis Law is one of the older Hispanic run law firms in Los Angeles. For over 40 years, Lluis Law has been providing the latino community of Los Angeles with attorneys who speak their native language. While the law firm started as a defense to the rights of the Hispanic community in matters such as immigration, criminal defense, and for injuries sustained in auto accidents and at work, the firm has expanded to represent immigrants from around the world as well as native Angelenos.

Immigration Lawyers with Gritty experience

The immigration lawyers of Lluis Law has a long history in defending Hispanic clients from deportation related to criminal matters. Lluis Law started defending those with complicated criminal issues that caused deportation or denial of immigration benefits. Today, our immigration lawyers still defend those facing deportation due to criminal matters, however, we have expanded our representation to family and business based immigration, consular representation, and visas for investors and entertainers.

Criminal Lawyers that understand the needs of their clients

Lluis Law has been defending the Hispanic community in Los Angeles for over 40 years. Our criminal defense lawyers defend our clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, from pre-investigation, bond and arraignment, till a jury trial. Our criminal lawyers handle matters from traffic violations all the way to murder, whether in state court or in federal. Our office has had a long history in defending clients with sensitive immigration needs in criminal courts and we pride ourselves in the ability to not only focus our defense in preserving constitutional rights but also in avoiding complications for our clients in criminal courts.

Accident Attorneys that are aggressive in getting the most for their clients

The personal injury lawyers of Lluis Law have the experience to get their clients the right treatment, get their clients the repair or replacement of their vehicle and get the compensation they deserve. The personal injury attorneys provide representation for auto accidents on a lien basis which means, no up front costs for our clients and no fees are recovered by the lawyer’s office unless we are able to settle your case.

Workers Compensation Attorneys that defend your rights as an Employee

The workers compensation lawyers at Lluis Law provide representation in work related accidents. Our workers compensation attorneys assist in getting the right medical treatment for your injuries, get you paid leave if you are unable to continue work and any compensation for any loss in capacity or permanent disabilities caused by your injury. The workers compensation attorneys provide representation for workers compensation cases on a lien basis which means, no up front costs for our clients and no fees are recovered by the attorneys office unless we are able to settle your case.

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