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Our attorneys give you practical advice and effective representation in real estate transactions and litigation

Our experience working with individuals and small businesses in real estate transactions and litigation allows us to resolve your real estate issues while keeping in mind your bottom line. Our goal is to help your business succeed. We know that for you and your business to thrive, you need cost-effective solutions to your legal problems. We have the experience to approach real estate transactions and litigation with an eye toward quick resolution that doesn't drag on and cost you unnecessary time or money. The attorneys of Neal Colborn PLLC have more than 20 years of experience in both commercial and residential real estate law, allowing us to provide seasoned advice to individuals and small businesses alike.

We assist with:

-Adverse possession

-Boundary disputes

-Landlord / tenant law

-Business law

-Real estate purchase and sale agreements


-Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)

-Reasonable accommodation issues



-Title insurance

-Entity formation

-Asset protection

-Estate planning and probate

-Arbitration and mediation

-Unlawful detainers

-Homeowners' association law

-Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints




Real estate law is the focal point of our firm

Because our attorneys' primary focus is on real estate law, we not only meet your needs, but we also exceed your expectations of what a real estate lawyer car do for you. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate law ensures we know the landscape and offer direct and efficient solutions to your problems.

-Results-oriented advice - Though we are experienced in the courtroom, we don't jump to litigation. Going to court usually means lengthy and expensive delays. Instead, we focus on providing pragmatic advice to help resolve your real estate issues quickly so you can focus on your property.

-Approachable counsel - You can talk to us. We've worked with individuals and small businesses for years, so we understand where you are coming from and how to seek solutions that meet your needs. When you are our client, we make you part of the process and keep you well informed of the status of your case. We'll give you practical advice to simplify your real estate issue - not legalese to complicate it.

-Cost-effective solutions - Real estate transactions and disputes can be involve significant time to complete. Often, this results in increased costs to you. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience in real estate law to efficiently and economically resolve your legal issues.

Providing legal help with your real estate issue and property transaction in Boise and southern Idaho

We assist with all types of real estate and property issues in Boise and southern Idaho and have been helping individuals and businesses with their legal needs for more than two decades. We can assist you with:

-Business transactions and entity formation - We can assist you and your business with a variety of matters, whether you want to form a holding company or need an attorney to oversee the development of a contract or negotiation.

-Real estate law - For both commercial and residential real estate, our attorneys provide guidance for buying and selling properties, settling landlord-tenant disputes and litigating when a real estate issue requires going to court to protect your rights.

-Other property matters - We assist when you have questions or issues involving asset protection and estate planning, collections or about enforcement of CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) in your community or homeowners' association.

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