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Experienced Employment Lawyers Working to Protect Your Rights. Serving Federal Employees & Government Workers Nationwide & Abroad In Matters Involving Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, MSPB or Security Clearance.

Passman & Kaplan (" P&K") is a dedicated team of attorneys focused on protecting the rights of employees and promoting workplace fairness. Founded in 1990 by Edward Passman and Joseph Kaplan, our firm brings insight, knowledge and broad experience to the practice of employment and labor law, especially on behalf of federal employees. We know how workplace disputes, racial or sexual discrimination, denial of benefits, or retaliation can impact your career, life and happiness. We believe we provide a vital service as we seek to protect your rights, work to end discrimination, and promote equity in the workplace. Nearby clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia often choose to come to our office for clients for an in-person consultation, and we offer a long-distance consultation for federal employees nationwide and abroad.

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