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Personal Injury: Injured in an automobile accident? What are your options? Is there a statute of limitation on filing a law suit? Our office can assist you and provide the information necessary to allow you to make an informed decision.

Business Planning & Taxation : Whether you are thinking about a startup or operating an existing business, you will engage in business planning . What is the right entity for you to consider: SubChapter C Corporation, Subchapter S Corporation, LLC, Partnership? What are the potential tax implications associated with how the business is formed? What are the tax reporting requirements that might be unique to that business? What are the tax filing due dates for tax reporting purposes that you need to be familiar with when you decide how to set up your business?

For each of these issues and concerns, our office and staff can assist and advise. We will provide you with current updated information specific to your business model and designed to meet your business needs.

The Law Office of Robert E. Bollengier has been assisting clients in business planning continuously since the office first opened in 1960. Robert E. Bollengier has been engaged in active practice since 1977, giving him 32 years of service to the business community.

Estate Planning: During lifetime everyone needs to devote attention to their financial affairs and how they will provide for family and loved ones should something unexpected happen. It could involve a death, it could involve an incapacity during lifetime, and it could involve you directly or through an immediate loved one. Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices works with clients in drafting clients's Last Will and Testament, Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys, and Rhode Island Statutory Health Care Power of Attorneys. Each of the documents prepared for the client is drafted specifically for that client and only that client.

Estate Administration and Probate : The death of a loved one, particularly an immediate family member, leaves people facing a void . Decisions have to be made concerning support issues, planning for asset sales, distributing property of the decedent, to pay debts and / or to meet the needs / directives of the decedent. Did the client die testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will? If intestate, what is the proper order of Descent and Distribution and, more importantly, how and when is the estate to be administered? In those situations where there is a probate estate, what documents need to be prepared and filed? What is the timeline required of the estate and the estate fiduciary?

Most clients who consult with our office on Estate Administration and Probate matters do so with little or no understanding of the probate process. Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices takes the time to consult with the client, answer the many questions posed by the client, and assist the client throughout the probate process in a quick and orderly fashion. In doing this, most probate estates can be administered in less than nine months from date of death.

Robert E. Bollengier is licensed as a practicing attorney in and for the State of Rhode Island, Bar # 1979. In addition, he holds CPA Certificate No. 993 issued by the Rhode Island Board of Accountancy.

As a practicing CPA, Robert E. Bollengier draws upon his education and experience to advise clients in the areas of business planning, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning. When considering tax matters, Robert E. Bollengier handles client files involving tax return preparation (U.S. Individual Tax Returns, Corporation Income Tax Returns, LLC's, and Partnership Income Tax Returns). The accounting offices of Robert E. Bollengier provide computerized monthly accounting services, including preparation of quarterly wage reports and end of year reporting forms for all business entities. In addition, the accounting offices of Robert E. Bollengier assists clients in the preparation of fiduciary tax returns for estates and trusts.

Robert E. Bollengier is licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court and the United States Supreme Court. He affords clients representation in all tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service and the Rhode Island Division of Taxation, including Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements and Release of Levy (Wage / Asset Levy). If you have an unsettled tax claim pending before the Internal Revenue Service and /or the Rhode Island Division of Taxation, call and ask for an appointment to meet with Robert E. Bollengier immediately.

CPA Practice Areas:

Preparation / authorship of quarterly tax client newsletters to advise clients on current tax issues, upcoming changes in the tax law, areas of interest for filing of tax returns for the client (individual / business), and general discussion on a myriad of other issues not tax related but pertinent to the client.

Preparation of client's individual, corporation, partnership income tax returns, with maintenance of the client's tax file for audit purposes, including document retention.

Preparation of monthly / quarterly tax reports required for filing with governmental regulatory agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service and Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

Preparation, as required, of any / all fiduciary income tax returns and estate tax returns, federal and state.

Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and Rhode Island Division of Taxation on all tax matters, including (IRS) matters brought before the United States Tax Court.

Assisting clients with Offers In Compromise and Installment Agreements for past due taxes.

Practice Areas:

Business Planning - General

Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices advises clients on issues involving business planning. Client consults would include discussion on organizational aspects of new or existing business, succession planning between family or non-family members, organizational restructuring, refinances and debt workouts, and business dissolutions.


Engaging clients in discussions relating to corporations (Sub Chapter C / Sub Chapter S) involves an understanding of tax and accounting issues. Robert E. Bollengier's work experience and background, both as a licensed practicing attorney and a licensed Certified Public Accountant, allows him to speak with clients on issues involving minimization of taxes, maximizing client wealth.


The formation of the LLC resulted in reduced applications and use for Partnerships. Clients concerned with issues concerning limited liability will oftentimes not want to conduct business operations under the guise of the partnership, although family partnerships and family real estate trusts continue to proliferate. Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices is able to advise clients in these difficult areas.


First and foremost when talking about personal tax matters, we are concerned with the preparation and filing of clients / taxpayers U.S. Individual Income Tax Return(s) and Rhode Island Individual Income Tax Returns. In addition to working with clients to prepare these tax returns, all current year income tax returns are prepared using computerized tax reparation programs. Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices is equipped to assist the client with the preparation of any state income tax return which the client is required to file. Currently, based through the 2008 calendar year / tax filings, Robert E. Bollengier Law Offices has prepared state income tax returns for clients for the following states:

· Rhode Island

· Massachusetts

· Connecticut

· Maine

· New York

· New Jersey

· Missouri

· Illinois

· Indiana

· Pennsylvania

· Ohio

· California

Our office has the resources to add to this list for clients who may have business interests and / or contact with other states that are not listed.

Estates / Trusts

There are complex rules in the area of wills, estates, and trusts. Clients with medium to large estates need to focus on the tax consequences of death and the difference between the federal and state (Rhode Island / Massachusetts / Connecticut estate tax rules). Proper planning requires the estate planner to look at the marital deduction, gift taxes, credit for state estate taxes, and charitable contributions. Typically the client will be concerned about passing through to estate beneficiaries the largest portion of the estate possible. Coupled with discussion on these points, Robert E. Bollengier will look at whether outright bequests are best advised for the client as opposed to consideration of using trusts for family members, such as the marital deduction trust coupled with the family trust. Clients are also advised on the use of Living Trusts vs. Testamentary Trusts.

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