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ABOUT Alana Segal

Alana Yakovlev is an attorney at law and of counsel to the Blanch Law Firm. Ms. Yakovlev is a criminal defense attorney based in Los Angeles and practices in the L.A. County Superior Courts and Orange County. Alana works primarily out of the firm’s Los Angeles office where she works closely with attorneys in L.A. as well as the rest of the defense team in the firm’s New York and Texas offices. She handles federal and state cases involving Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Internet Crimes, Wire Fraud, Enterprise Corruption, Mortgage Fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, violent crimes and drug crimes.

Ms. Yakovlev is a successful white collar criminal defense attorney who was selected as a Rising Star in 2013 by Super Lawyers, a respected legal ratings service. She will be featured as a Rising Star in the Los Angeles edition of Super Lawyers magazine. To become a Rising Star, Super Lawyers asks legal professionals to nominate fellow lawyers. According to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent of a state’s applicants are chosen as Rising Stars.

Ms. Yakovlev has extensive motion practice and legal research experience in state and federal proceedings. She is familiar with and has successfully obtained favorable sentences, plea agreements and dismissals. Her practice also extends from white collar crimes and includes administrative licensing reinstatement, expungements and immigration hearings.

Ms. Yakovlev also has ample experience in sentencing litigation. In many cases, she was retained by clients during sentencing phases of trials to obtain more favorable outcomes. In one instance, Ms. Yakovlev was able to secure the release of a client who was facing six years in state prison after being charged with first degree burglary. In another case, Ms. Yakovlev secured the release of a client facing four years in prison for possession of crystal meth and receiving stolen property. After Ms. Yakovlev’s intervention, the client was allowed to serve the remainder of her sentence in rehab.

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