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ABOUT Eric Cooper

N. Eric Cooper graduated from Baylor Law School in 2002. Following graduation he was sought after by several firms, but decided to accept a position with Brown McCarroll, LLP’s Longview office. Eric chose this office because of the lifestyle offered by Longview and the surrounding East Texas area.

While at Brown McCarroll, Eric represented some of America’s largest corporations in product liability suits, and represented local governmental entities in complex administrative, employment and general litigation matters. Eric, however was not satisfied by the work and frequently found himself sympathizing with the people who were suffering as the result of the injuries sustained or the loss of a loved one.

In 2007, Eric left his lucrative large firm defense practice and began representing individuals and families injured as the result of someone or some company’s thoughtless and careless actions. Eric has been successful in seeking justice for numerous individuals and families in the East Texas area. Moreover, Eric is especially proud that on multiple occasions he has taken cases turned away by other “more experienced attorneys” who considered the cases unwinnable. After Eric’s creative handling of the cases they were successfully litigated resulting in substantial settlements for the clients. Eric has learned that “age” and “experience” while generally helpful, also have pitfalls limiting creativity and the ability to think outside the box when it is necessary to achieve the best result for the client.

The focus of Eric’s practice is on vehicle collisions of various sorts (i.e. car wrecks, truck wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, 18 wheeler wrecks, pedestrian/vehicle collisions), but also Eric has successfully litigated medical malpractice cases, oil field injury cases, premises liability cases such as slip and fall/trip and fall, as well as many other personal injury cases. Additionally, Eric has experience in products liability cases where a product has caused injury to individuals as a result of a defective condition in its design, marketing, or manufacture (i.e. defective cars, machines and pharmaceutical drugs that caused injury to the product user.)

Eric prides himself on providing each client his personal attention and his professional expertise to seek the best result. Eric is committed to keeping the client informed and up-to-date on all major case developments so that when the time comes for the client to make a decision in the litigation, it is made with informed confidence. In an industry where some attorneys frequently avoid contact with their own clients, Eric makes it his practice to take calls from clients whenever possible, and return calls by the end of business whenever circumstances allow.

Furthermore, Eric spends so much one-on-one time with his clients that frequently friendships are formed that last well after the cases have been resolved.

Eric is married to Rebeca Cooper, and father to three wonderful children, Sofia, Aiden and Simon. When not working, Eric can be found coaching on the sidelines of his children’s many sports activities. Eric and his family attend Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, Texas.

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