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In October of 2019, Ethan finally had enough of the heat and humidity of Georgia. So he packed up his bags like the pioneers of old and embarked for promise and prosperity of the West.

In all honesty, his departure wasn’t actually as fateful as it sounds. His wife had been working as an architect-in-training for a firm in Jackson since June. When he came for a visit over the summer he, like anyone with a pair of eyes and a pulse, fell in love with the wild of Wyoming. Although he enjoyed hiking and backpacking in the foothills of the Appalachains, he thought it was time for an upgrade.

Before moving to Jackson, Ethan spent much of his life in and around the State of Georgia. He grew up in the rural town of Carrollton about an hour west of Atlanta, where he perfected his Southern accent. After high school, he traveled south to attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Four memorable years later he left with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Minor in Chemistry, and a few good stories to tell.

Ethan spent the next fifteen months working in Cooper Landing, Alaska, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia. After realizing that he didn’t know everything, he decided to enroll at the University of Georgia School of Law because, as we all know, lawyers know everything.

While in law school, Ethan made it a priority to focus on issues that affect the average person. His student note, which was published in the Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law, addressed the problem of coal ash, which is a cancerous byproduct of coal combustion, and the ineffective coal ash management scheme that has led to disastrous results across the country. Ethan also worked for the DeKalb County Public Defender’s Office, where he cut his teeth representing individuals charged with crimes in DeKalb County, and at the House Judiciary Committee of the Georgia General Assembly, where he became more familiar with the legislative process while tracking criminal justice reform efforts in Georgia.

Prior to working at Freeburg Law, Ethan primarily practiced civil litigation and has worked on a variety of cases. He has been involved in matters ranging from a class action lawsuit alleging violations of the Georgia RICO Act by an insurance company and real estate developer to an estate case involving allegations self-dealing and fraud against an executor of an estate with an ownership interest in one of the most highly valued office parks in Georgia.

Ethan is licensed in Georgia. He sat for the February 2020 bar examination in Wyoming and is awaiting his results.

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