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Leary Scholar, 1982-1983. Recipient, American Jurisprudence Award in Administrative Law. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Contemporary Law, 1983-1984. Author: Note, "Defining Governmental Function Under the Utah Governmental Immunity Act," 9 Journal of Contemporary Law 193, 1983; Comment, "Procedures Costs and Rate Structures for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors," 5 Journal of Energy Law and Policy 245, 1984; "It Is Time To Revise JIFU," 2 Utah Bar Journal 10, Feb. 1989; "Reflections on the Constitutionality of the Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Act," 6 Utah Bar Journal 20, May 1993; "Day v. State: An Open Courts Clause Cacophony," 1 Voir Dire No. 1, p. 24, 1995; "Enforceability of Exculpatory Clauses in Hazardous Recreational Activities," 11 Utah Bar Journal 8, February 1998; "Role, Ritual and Civility in Litigation," 12 Utah Bar Journal 12, April 1999; "The Salty Soup: Some Thoughts On Access to Civil Justice," 17 Utah Bar Journal 28, May 2004; "Does an Insured Have to Prove Coverage in Order to Claim Bad Faith Damages?" 28 Utah Trial Journal, Fall 2005; Looking at the Stars: Why Being a Lawyer Matters, "Harry Truman's Lessons for Lawyers," Utah Bar Journal, July/August 2010; Commentary: Harry Truman's Lessons for Lawyers, 23 Utah Bar Journal 36 July/August, 2010; DRI Insurance Bad Faith (chapter on Utah Bad Faith Law), 2010; The Practical Art: On the Archaeology and Architecture of Liability Insurance Contracts, 78 DEF. COUNS. J. 143, 2011; The Limits of Rule 34(A): Mirroring the Hard Drive, DRI E-Discovery Connection, Vol. 6 No. 2 (Aug. 2011); The Contours of Property Coverage: Some Reflections on the Vacancy Clause, LexisNexis Coverage, Vol. 21, Number 4, September/October, 2011; Assisting the Lost Traveler: Selection of Defense Counsel in the Conflict-of-Interest-Situation, 54 For The Defense 40, May, 2012.

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  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Products Liability

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