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ABOUT Howard Greenberg

Howard Greenberg is a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer committed to finding every hole in the case and maximizing the chances of winning on the odds.
Representation in any jurisdiction in the United States, in any court, from case inception through trial. You can reach Howard Greenberg, in person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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About Us: Brooklyn criminal lawyer, Howard Greenberg BA, MA, JD is an honors graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Fordham University School of Law; Recent Brooklyn cases involving litigation include:

  • State -v- • People Vs. Donis: full acquittal of burglary and unlawful survilleance that was recorded on videotape
  • • People vs. Mccrae: not guilty criminal homicide despite three lengthy and detailed confession.
  • State -v- Brackett - Weapons and Narcotics Suppressed Base on Defendants Written Submission on Paper; Indictment DISMISSED
  • People -v- Gary - Felony Weapons Gun Complaint DISMISSED After Win Suppression Hearing
  • People -v- Martino - Felony Weapons Complaint (Gun - SUPRESSED after hearing - Despite Confession)
  • People -v- Morrison - Felony Weapons Complaint (Gun in Car DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Blackford - Felony Weapons Complaint (Gun in Car - DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Jones (NOT GUILTY of Criminal Homicide: Felony Murder and Depraved Indifference Murder)
  • People -v- Geemps (FULL ACQUITTAL of Weapons Possession - Despite Confession)
  • People -v- Bobby Shmurda (Felony Weapons Case - DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Espinal (Motion to Suppress Narcotics - GRANTED)
  • People -v- Fable (Directed Verdict of ACQUITTAL, All Counts, After Testimony of Main Witness in Attempted Murder Case.)
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