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Joanna always knew she wanted to be an attorney, when she was 9 years old she recalls telling her father "of course I am going to be a lawyer someday" there was never a doubt in her mind. The surprise came when she discovered she had a passion for family law. Fresh out of law school Joanna worked for a boutique business litigation firm in downtown Providence, she learned the ins and outs of receiverships, corporate transactions, employment agreements but most importantly honed her skills in creative problem-solving strategies.

When Joanna left that firm, she wound up in a scenario where family became a large part of her practice. This was an area she had never practiced before and she hadn't anticipated the finding actual joy in it. She was pleasantly surprised to find that her creative approach to problem-solving in the business arena collided with her desire to help people. She found a perfect niche that would go on to become not only the focus of her legal practice but her passion as well.

Joanna's roots are in Rhode Island. She was born into and raised in a traditional Italian family, lots of people, lots of talking and always lots of food. Growing up, she was close to her grandmother and would accompany her to work at the State House. Often times, her grandmother would tell her young granddaughter that someday she too would work in this beautiful house, helping people by doing the important work of law making. That little girl grew up and she saw to it that the aspirations she and her grandmother shared, came to fruition. Currently Joanna serves as Legal Counsel to the Senate/ Committee Counsel to the Senate Labor Committee and every time she walks into the State House she is reminded and humbled by her grandmother's memory and words of encouragement. Joanna is proud to help others by serving our state and feels that she is fulfilling not only her dreams of making a difference, but her grandmother's dreams as well.

Working with Joanna through the Family Court process, you can expect to have someone who will stand beside you, empathize with what you are going through, and be your voice when you do not have the strength to speak. In your consultation Joanna will explain you what divorce looks like from inception to final judgement. She will give you the worst-case scenarios and won't allow you to see the case through rose colored glasses. She will listen to every detail and use her creative problem-solving skills to find a fit that will work best with your family dynamic.

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