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ABOUT Kenneth Grubbs

Kenneth Grubbs has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1997, and has since represented more than 2,000 clients in cases primarily dealing with complicated real estate and consumer transactions, family law, personal injury, business litigation, and probate and estate planning. His extensive experience in a diverse array of legal areas has equipped him to confidently deal with a broad array of complex legal issues.

If you feel like your legal situation is unique, chances are Mr. Grubbs has dealt with something similar in the past.

Eligible Jurisdictions

– Licensed to Practice Before All Courts in the State of Texas

– Federal Court – Western District of Texas

– Appellate Court – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Mr. Grubbs is a member of the San Antonio Bar Association and has maintained a clean disciplinary record. He takes his commitment to his clients and the law seriously, and runs a practice anchored in integrity and detail-oriented client advocacy.

Billing and Payment Options

– My office charges $350 per hour for most services

– Contingency fees are available on personal injury cases

– We accept all forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard and American Express

– We offer payment plans, if necessary

My Track Record of Legal Successes in San Antonio, Texas

One of the most reliable ways to ensure you’re receiving service from an experienced professional is to view their past work and results. This is true in any industry, and applies to the legal field as well. Attorney Kenneth Grubbs is proud to stand behind the results he has obtained for his clients.

Client that was injured by falling through the floor of a wooden moving trailer and being crushed by a refrigerator. He suffered serious neck back and shoulder injuries requiring surgery. His prior counsel wanted to settle the case for $6,000. My firm recovered $37,020 for client with $19,980 in legal fees and $3,000 in costs.

We handled a divorce case for client whose husband was cheating on her. A jury agreed with my valuation of the community property business. The Judge gave my client over 90% of the community property estate. My client was awarded child support, spousal maintenance and a $100,000 judgment against the community property business. Client paid $23,994 in legal fees and $1,719 in costs.

A homebuyer was misled by seller concerning her purchase of property that had foundation issues. She needed to have the properties foundation leveled. The property was purchased for $60,000. My office obtained a settlement which resulted in the client receiving $30,000. Total fees paid by the client were $15,000 by the client with $1385 in costs.

In a contested probate case my client was granted by a jury the probate of his mother’s will and was awarded all property in the estate pursuant to the will.

We won a deceptive trade act case with a $23,000 judgment awarded. Case revolved around a car part valued at $1,500.

In another case involving deceptive trade practices, a client about defective car parts for the defendant. The part in question was only $1,500, however the part caused the client to lose the sale of a vehicle. As a result of the trial of the case a jury awarded $10,000 in damages and $13,000 in legal fees. Legal fees on the matter where $13,000 and costs were $288.

In another case, A lady watching her grandchild suffered a severely broken leg as the result of a fall. My client went to other lawyers requesting help. My office decided to take the case. My client received a settlement in the amount of $42, 160. Legal fees on the matter were $39, 960 with $2249 in expenses.

We have received many accolades from respected legal figures, including Federal Judge Orlando Garcia, who compared Mr. Grubbs to members of O.J.’s Dream Team.

My firm also obtained a restraining order against a large bank, which was one of the first “robo-signer” restraining orders in Bexar County. This win made the front page of the San Antonio Express-News.

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Areas of LAW

  • Accident
  • Bus Accident
  • Car Accident
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Drunk Driving Accident
  • Estate Planning
  • Family
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate
  • Slip And Fall
  • Truck Accident
  • Trusts

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