ABOUT Nathan Kased

Reputable and experienced attorney, Nathan Kased, is among the top plaintiffs’ wage and hour lawyers in San Diego, California. His practice primarily focuses on employees who have been taken advantage by their employer. For example, employees who were not paid: CA minimum wage, the prevailing wage rate, overtime pay, vacation pay, mileage or business expense reimbursement, bonus payments or commissions, and/or denied meal and rest breaks.

He also assists first-level managers improperly classified as exempt, technology employees improperly classified as exempt, and inside and outside commission sales people who are misclassified as exempt and/or independent contractors.

Nathan’s passion for employment law is evident by his numerous accolades, awards, and former client reviews. Nathan was selected as a Rising Star Super Lawyer for Employment Litigation (only 2.5% of attorneys are selected to Rising Stars.)

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