Scott Feifer

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Work Experience

Scott Feifer embarked on his journey in traffic law immediately after graduating from Brooklyn Law School in 1995. He kick-started his legal career as an associate at a small general litigation firm in New York City, where he assumed responsibility for managing the traffic law segment of their practice.

During his time at the firm, Scott gained valuable experience by handling a multitude of cases and cultivating strong relationships within the NYC traffic law community. Equipped with an extensive trial background and a robust network of professional connections, he made the pivotal decision to establish his own practice. In early 1997, Scott founded the Law Offices of Scott Feifer, dedicating his firm exclusively to driving and traffic law-related matters.

With unwavering determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Scott quickly established his practice as a prominent leader in the industry. Within a remarkably short span of one year, his firm garnered a reputation for its exceptional legal services throughout New York State. Scott's unwavering commitment to his clients, combined with his comprehensive knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, solidified his position as a trusted advocate in navigating the complexities of traffic-related legal issues.

Scott Feifer's enduring success can be attributed to his relentless advocacy, extensive experience, and deep understanding of traffic law. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest legal developments and employing innovative strategies, he continues to set new standards of excellence in the field.



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