The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 includes the 504 plan. This legal plan incorporates the needs of special learners who are studying in a regular studying environment. Any student who is switching from special education to mainstream education should be placed under the 504 plan for their best interests and to optimize their learning experience.

This plan gives students the right to certain accommodations so it is easy for them to complete their education and so they do not experience unnecessary discomfort while they are studying. Students under this plan may be given special seating that accommodates their disability. They may also be permitted to eat in the classroom if they have certain health conditions that require them to do so.

Furthermore, they may be permitted to go to the administration to get their medication if they need it. One of the biggest advantages of this plan is that students can have their testing conditions altered and adjusted to meet their needs. For example, they may be given more time to write the exam or they may be given the same test questions, modified to meet their needs. It is the job of the teachers and other members of the faculty to ensure that the proper adjustments are made.

What school districts include the 504 plan in New York?

Nearly all public schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal assistance follow this plan. There are only some private colleges that do not receive this assistance and they are not covered by section 504. A student will be evaluated for the plan based on any physical or emotional disabilities they may suffer from.

If their disability restricts their ability to take care of themselves, carry out manual tasks, and do the basics such as speak and hear they will likely be eligible for the accommodation the plan provides. The student must be referred by a teacher, parent, or therapist. Once this is done, a 504 meeting is held, and a plan is developed that caters to the student’s specific needs.

If a parent does not agree with the plan they can explain their perspective at the next meeting and they do not have to sign the plan until reasonable changes are made.

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