Little Haiti, Florida, What Comes Under Distracted Driving for Truck Drivers?

Distracted driving can seriously hinder the ability of any driver to remain vigilant on the road. Speaking on one’s phone while driving requires a significant amount of the driver’s mental energy. This means there is less energy for them to focus on the highly dynamic road. 

If there is one thing that all drivers learn when they first sit behind the wheel is that they need absolute concentration when driving because of the various scenarios hey can be subjected to in a matter of seconds. A pedestrian can decide to run across the street at the last second, or a vehicle can decide to cut a red light when a person least expects it.

 As a person gets used to driving and they become seasoned drivers, their reflexes and understanding of the road do become better but that does not mean that their full concentration is no longer required. 

Driving is highly unpredictable and even if a person is following all the rules, it is likely that other drivers won’t be as careful and if a person is even slightly distracted, they can end up getting into an otherwise preventable accident. 

What happens when truck drivers are distracted? 

The need to remain attentive is even more necessary for truck drivers because of the increased risks there are. It is no secret that trucks are massive vehicles and that truck accidents often cause life-threatening injuries as well as serious property damage. Truck drivers always need to remain focused on the road. Distracted driving is punishable by law and if a truck driver gets into an accident and it is discovered that they were guilty of distracted driving, they will face more severe penalties.

Distracted driving for truckers includes:

  • Using one’s smartphone
  • Drinking and eating
  • Watching videos
  • Grooming oneself
  • Trying to read a map in order to navigate

Truck drivers caught doing any of the above will have to pay for their negligence through legal penalization. Even if it is an emergency, a truck driver should pull over in a safe place before reaching for their phone or eating something to get their energy back. No matter how hungry a person is or how urgently they need to use their phone, they should always make sure their vehicle is stationary in a safe location before calling, texting, or having a meal.

 Calling a truck accident attorney in Little Haiti, Florida is a good option for a driver who has been in an accident and accused of distracted driving. An attorney can attempt to reduce a person’s penalty by providing evidence that it was not only the truck driver who had acted negligently but the other drivers involved in the accident were partially at fault too.

The more evidence a person can collect, the better it is for their case. Whether a person has been falsely accused of distracted driving or whether they were actually using their phone while behind the wheel, they should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss possible defenses and to gauge how their case looks through a legal perspective. 

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