The penalties for getting into a collision with a truck can be very heavy. Anyone who is the victim of a truck accident should take every measure to make sure these heavy consequences are taken care of financially, and that they do not end up paying for the damages with their own pocket.

Teaming up with a truck accident lawyer can help a person ascertain they are not left on their own to pay for the damages. If a person can collect enough evidence to prove the truck driver was at fault, or any other party was at fault, then they are entitled to demanding compensation. This can be done by gathering evidence that proves the negligence of the guilty party and then finding evidence that this negligence resulted in a financial loss for the victim.

There are various ways a person may try and prove the fault was of the truck driver, and one of them is by claiming the truck driver failed to follow proper traffic rules. Truck drivers in Little Rock Arizona are expected to follow very strict rules and regulations to maintain government safety standards, these include:

  • Drivers of larger semi-trucks are not allowed to drive more than 65 miles per hour while on the roadway
  • Trucks longer than 28 feet and six inches in length should not be operated. However, two trailers can be pulled at the same time, provided they do not exceed 57 feet in length.
  • Truck drivers are expected to have splash guards installed on the truck to minimize the debris the truck throws off

With regard to licensing, truck drivers are expected to go through proper training. The larger the vehicle they intend on driving, the more training they require. Trucks are much harder to maneuver than regular vehicles because of their size. Also, truck drivers are often expected to drive for very long hours in one trip. To sustain their focus and attention, the appropriate training is necessary. If a truck driver gets into an accident and it is discovered they did not have the proper licensing, they will face more penalties in court.

Failing to follow any of the rules set out for truck drivers can result in the driver having to pay heavy fines. The more rules that are broken, and the more damage done to the victim due to the inability of the driver to follow these rules, the more the truck driver is expected to pay in compensation. If the driver’s negligence was extreme, or if they repeatedly got into truck collisions, they may even have their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) suspended permanently.