Once a truck accident case has begun, the first thought on nearly everyone’s mind is how long will this entire process take? Naturally, the driver who was hit by the truck will want to get their settlement money in their bank account as soon as possible to start paying for the damages. However, the exact amount of time can’t be guaranteed because every case is different.

truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, Florida can consult with the driver and after hearing the details of their case give them an idea of how long they will have to wait before receiving their settlement money in full.

The main factors which will affect the length of a case include:

  • The amount of evidence a driver has
  • How serious the injuries were
  • The contestation of the insurance company
  • Whether the case proceeds to court or not

The more evidence a person can provide, the stronger their case is. If a person has a lot of evidence that can prove that the other party acted negligently and their negligence resulted in a person’s losses, then the case will proceed a lot faster. However, if a driver suffered very serious injuries, they will need more compensation and their case will also take longer to resolve.

Once a person gets into an accident and their lawyer communicates with the insurance company, they should wait for the response of the insurer. Judging by their response the attoreny will decide if they will be able to settle this claim themselves or if they will have to take matters to court. If the insurance company offers a fair sum and the other negligent parties are also compliant, then a person’s case will go by a lot faster. However, if no fair settlement offer is given matters will have to escalate to court and will stretch on the entire process.

How can I receive my settlement faster?

The best way to make sure that a person receives their settlement amount without delay after a truck accident, is to prevent making unnecessary mistakes which could elongate the process. This means that a person should have a lawyer on their side right from the start who will be able to initiate the paperwork without leaving out any details, so the process runs smoothly.

Also, a person should remember that evidence is key. If a person has a very strong case the other parties will not be able to contest their claims and will have to hand over the compensation much sooner. Collecting evidence should begin as soon as possible after an accident because external factors such as the weather and traffic can quickly get rid of the necessary evidence.

The exact length of a person’s case depends on the details of the accident and the responses of their insurance company. A truck accident can take anywhere from several weeks to several montths depending on how much evidence a person has and how cooperative all the parties are. Hiring an attorney is the best way to make sure that all the legal requirements are being met and no unnecessary delays are taking place.

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