Houston, TX – Many workers perform tasks without being paid each year. Sometimes, the employee and their supervisor may not even realize that certain tasks they complete are actually forms of labor that require compensation. This is an important issue for workers, as these losses can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars throughout the course of each year if the issue remains unresolved. 

Laboring without an expectation of pay

During a workday, an employee may do certain favors for a supervisor or perform in various actions that should actually be paid as formal work time. If the employee has been in the routine of doing these things without being paid for months or years, they are usually unaware of any issues, and think that the situation is normal. Regardless of the subjective expectations of the employer and the worker, there are clear cut rules regarding pay for any type of work that was done at the direction of the employer. 

Some individuals and companies who have dealt with these issues have recommended lists and various organizational tools. This can help to give a visual aid and let the employee know that they should clock in before starting any items on the list, and complete them all before logging out for the day. 

Common tasks that should always be paid

Improper scheduling is a large source of unpaid work. Sometimes, a worker may need to cover the shift of another employee, or perform their duties if a co-worker is running late. The employer should always ensure that employees are paid for the exact amount of time they have actually worked, even if changes need to be made. 

Cleaning up before or after a shift still counts as work done for the employer. The employee should generally clock in or wait to clock out in order to ensure that the time spent on these cleaning activities is counted towards their total number of hours for the day. 

Movement between locations or job sites should be paid in most situations as well. As long as the travel is required for the job and does not contain an extended break, this time should be paid. 

A worker who has experienced these issues should bring them to the attention of a supervisor or human resources department first. It may be possible for them to resolve the wage issue without utilizing any outside resources of getting others involved. 

Labor and employment law firms

There are attorneys who dedicate their careers to filing cases related to labor regulations, wage theft, and unpaid wages. Moore and Associated is available to assist workers in the Houston area with legal advice. 

Firm contact info:

Moore & Associates 

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