Louisiana Bus Driver Transporting Students was Arrested for DWI

In recent news reported by The Times, it would appear that a Bossier Parish, LA bus driver was taken into custody and arrested after the completion of her bus route when officers suspected she may have been under the influence. This particular case was a little different in comparison to your “normal” DWI traffic stop as the defendant wasn’t charged with the crime after being pulled over.
A urine test can detect alcohol even if it has been 36 hours after drinking. That means if you consumed a large amount the night before you have to drive, you should consider whether or not you are risk of being charged with DWI.
Apparently, Bridget Whitley, 33, was scheduled for a random drug screening on May 8th where deputies became concerned by her behavior. Officials believed Whitely displayed signs of impairment during her drug screening. She did admit to having several alcoholic beverages the night before which served as a red flag for deputies.
Whitley had run her normal route that day dropping students off to their school destinations just as she was supposed to, however, she still had alcohol in her system from the previous night before. Unfortunately for her, the officers had her take a field sobriety test where she performed poorly. That in return left Whitley charged with DWI and immediately arrested and booked into the Bossier Maximum Security Facility. Her bond was set at $50,000 and it has been recommended that her position be terminated as a bus driver.
Hopefully Whitely hired a local Louisiana DWI attorney to represent her as she is more than likely looking at some harsh penalties.

Were You Charged with DWI in Shreveport, LA?

As you can see, DWI charges don’t only result from consuming alcohol and driving right after, but a person can be charged with the crime if the alcohol lingers in their system for several hours.
If you are facing DWI charges and you live in the Shreveport area, consider hiring a local Shreveport, Louisiana DWI defense lawyer. These types of charges can vary depending on your BAC level, whether it was a first, second, or third offense, and whether or not you caused a drunk driving accident. In this particular case, Whitley was transporting students at the time of her impairment which is going to definitely affect how severe her charges are as the courts are taking into account that an accident could have been caused and innocent children could have been injured, or worse, killed.
If you wish to try and get your charges reduced or even avoid a jail sentence, you are going to need a dependable Shreveport DWI lawyer representing you. USAttorneys.com can help you get connected with some of the best attorneys in the field now.

How Long Does Alcohol Remain in Your System For?

Just because you consume alcohol the night before doesn’t exactly mean that it is completely out of your system. It all comes down to how much you drank and what time of night you drank. According to addict-help.com, “A general urinalysis for alcohol might detect alcohol’s presence up to 48 hours after ingestion. Alcohol can last from 12-36 hours in your urine depending” on the above mentioned factors.
So, rather be safe than sorry, if you drank the night before and believe you are still impaired after waking up in the morning, avoid driving completely until the alcohol has left your system and you are no longer at risk of being arrested for DWI.

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