The 2020 coronavirus pandemic caused a number of issues with people receiving proper pay and benefits. 

Local news for the Shreveport area reported on massive layoffs that took place due to business restrictions imposed by state and local governments as a response to the novel coronavirus. 

One family gives an example of how difficult it is to get paid  

A family in Bossier City, Louisiana spoke to the local news about the struggles they have faced since becoming unemployed. When one member of the family lost her retail job, she went to the commission to file a claim, but also had issues determining how her unused vacation time would be calculated. She has been trying to get the situation fixed and receive her benefits, but as of the time of the news report, she had not actually received any money from the commission. Her husband had not received any deposits either. The dispute over the vacation time with her prior employer had apparently held up her claim. The status of these claims simply says “in progress” with a zero in the amount column, which did not change for weeks.  

Despite attempts at emails and calls for almost a month, the family has not received any response at all, and they have bills that must be paid. Local public service announcements have told families to call the state’s commission to get help, yet they do not seem to be answering the phones.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission said that they are receiving up to 10,000 new claims most days since the shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, like most states, they simply do not have the capacity and enough available workers to handle this volume of new claims, as the situation is unprecedented. A spokesperson for Louisiana’s Workforce Commission claims that the volume of work they are getting is approximately thirty times what they normally have to deal with. Local government officials have been instructing unemployed workers to try to file their claims between 10 pm and 4 am, when there are lower volumes of traffic to the website and call center.  

Getting proper payments from an employer

If an employer owes you money, or has improperly denied you benefits such as insurance or vacation time, it may be necessary to take legal action. It is illegal under both state and federal law for an employer to withhold any wages that a worker has earned or circumvent laws related to other benefits. 

A civil lawsuit or other actions may be necessary to correct these issues.

Get legal help immediately

There are labor attorneys in every city in Louisiana who can help you with unpaid wage claims or other issues. To speak with a lawyer near you, use the listings on

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