Local news for LaFourche Parish, Louisiana reported on an operation to catch individuals who collectively owed almost $300,000 worth of outstanding child support payments on the area.

Louisiana prosecutor targets individuals who have been avoiding their support payments

The operation organized by law enforcement in the parish caught 25 individuals who were either behind or seemed to have no intention of ever paying child support. Investigators claim that the total child support amounts that remained unpaid between all of these individuals was right around $290,000. They started to prepare arrest warrants before that operation was started for the individuals who were clearly past due on their payments, or had other additional legal and criminal issues. Deputies also commented that during the course of their investigation, they found that additional individuals would likely be arrested as well at a later time. 

The local district attorney said that most of the people arrested were well beyond simply being behind on their payments. Most of them had made absolutely no effort to pay their child support obligations. She added that the majority of people who are subject to similar orders in the parish do make payments as needed. The parish collects approximately $10 million a year in total support obligations. Most of the individuals who were apprehended had already been given multiple chances by the prosecutor’s office to make their payments current. She further said that arresting people or subjecting them to jail time is usually only used as a last resort. 

The city of Thibodaux Police, along with the local department of social services assisted in the operation. They recommend that anyone who is behind on their payments contact the local district attorney immediately before the situation escalates and attempt to make other arrangements. 

The serious nature of child support

Child support is an obligation that cannot be avoided until a child reaches adulthood, and as this news story shows, there are serious penalties once an order is in place and the support has not been properly paid. It is important to retain your own lawyer and schedule a hearing to modify your support payments or explain your situation to a judge if you believe that you will not be able to handle the financial stress of paying your current child support order. Until this amount is formally changed in court, you will be required to pay it and the obligation will not simply go away if you ignore it. 

Get help from a family law attorney when child support issues are pending

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