Nursing homes in certain parts of Louisiana were hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Doctors and health officials have been most concerned about nursing homes during the outbreak because many people within these homes are very old or already in poor health. This places just about every resident in nursing homes in the category of people who are most vulnerable to the virus. 

Parts of Louisiana have a serious problem with coronavirus in nursing homes

A report from the first week of May in 2010 showed that over 46 residents in homes around the state had died in that seven day span alone. As suspected, many were advanced in years or had multiple underlying health issues. 

The Louisiana Department of Health had been releasing the names of homes that had at least one positive resident, but they stopped about a month later because they could not keep up. They claimed that the total volume of reports was too much to handle. They expected to resume this reporting process in the near future. 

The Acadiana region, which includes Lafayette, Acacia, Evangeline, Iberia, St. Martin, and Vermilion are believed to have the highest number of serious cases in the entire state. A number of parishes dealt with multiple homes with outbreaks within just miles of each other. For example, 25 out of 28 deaths recorded in St. Landry Parish were elderly and in nursing homes. They were 83 years old on average and all had underlying health conditions. St. Landry has recorded the highest coronavirus death total out of all parishes in the Acadiana region. Iberia Parish ranked second, with over 280 unresolved cases affecting residents there. 

Family members of residents of nursing homes in Iberia parish have been posting on social media to alert the public of the situation. Some of them merely have infected relatives, while others have had family members die.      

The media was able to reach some nursing home administrators who had data about the outbreak in their facilities. It seems that many of these homes are coming up with a positive rate of 40-70% for all patients tested for coronavirus.    

Bringing a civil case against a negligent nursing home

Attorneys regularly work with the families of individuals housed in nursing homes due to infections, neglect, and other problems at the homes that can cause deteriorating health or even death. If you have a family member who is at a nursing home and their health is in decline, it is best to get legal help and investigate the situation further. 

Speak with a local lawyer about a nursing home incident

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