A number of Veterans and other injured people in Louisiana who had served in the armed forces in the past have developed specific health problems tied to chemicals. This was due to pollution issues at Camp LeJune in North Carolina. The issues stemmed from contaminated water that was located between two port areas in the town of Jacksonville. The water contained benzene, vinyl chloride, and other chemicals that came from fuel and cleaning products.  

The contamination has spread over the years and there is no exact known number of people who have been affected, and there could be other locations that were affected by the contaminated water as well. Just under one million people lived at the base during the contamination period.  

Notice from the government about the site and related health issues

The Department of Veterans Affairs issued formal notices to those who may have been affected. Many who served at a Marine Corps base or air station located at the site could have experienced liver problems including cirrhosis, as well as leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other health issues that are serious or fatal. They believe that anyone who served in this area between 1953 and 1987 while on active or reserve duty may have been affected. 

Some of the stories of veterans who got sick after working at this site included a medic who learned he had kidney cancer approximately 20 years after his service in the late 1980s, and another man who lived near the site and served there briefly while in the military who is now stuck in a wheelchair with a terminal illness. The government did not formally acknowledge the contamination and problems at the base until 2017.

Getting help after a diagnosis

Protections for these injuries extend to those who were in the national guard, reserve units, and others who may have lived or worked nearby. Anyone who is experiencing these symptoms and believes that they were exposed should speak with an injury attorney after receiving medical treatment or a diagnosis. The claims process usually requires a medical examination to confirm one of the illnesses that the government has tied to working and living at the site.  

It may be possible to file a lawsuit against the government, and there are also benefits that have been set aside for those who were affected by the disaster at the site. The government has paid for healthcare, disability, and made cash settlements in recent years. Family members such as spouses and children have also received treatment paid for by the government in some situations where they developed similar illnesses. 

Speak to a tort law attorney in Louisiana

If you need to speak with a lawyer about any issues related to environmental pollution, there is help available. Contact Stag Liuzza to get more information about bringing your claim. 

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