It can be highly unnerving to drive alongside a truck while on the highway because of the massive shadow they cast over other vehicles. Getting into an accident with one of these vehicles can be traumatizing and can lead to permanent injuries, and a pile of medical and property bills that most people are unable to pay off on their own. To avoid getting into such a situation, individuals should take proper precautionary measures.

To help make the roads a safer place, the government has created very strict rules and regulations for all truck drivers and trucking companies to follow. These rules not only create a safer environment by encouraging truck drivers to stick to safe driving practices, but they also regulate how trucking companies should legally recruit their employees to ensure they are being screened and trained properly before they start driving on a busy highway.

Truck drivers are required to take these precautions, but the drivers of passenger vehicles should also take certain measures to further reduce the risks of getting into a collision.

Drivers of passenger vehicles should:

  • Avoid driving too close to the truck
  • Avoid remaining in the blind spot of the truck for long periods
  • Avoid speeding or breaking other traffic laws
  • Refrain from distracted driving
  • Signal properly and ensure there is sufficient space before merging in front of a truck

Trucks are not only larger in size, but they also have larger blind spots than ordinary passenger vehicles. This makes it incredibly dangerous to be driving too close to them, especially when traveling at very high speeds.

Another precaution that can be taken to prevent getting into a truck accident is for a person to make sure they are not driving when they are fatigued or when they are under the influence of any form of intoxicant. Driving in such conditions inhibits a driver’s ability to focus and make reasonable decisions, two things that are necessary when driving alongside a massive truck. It also decreases the ability of a person to react to sudden changes in the road, increasing the chances of getting into a collision.

Despite taking these precautions, truck accidents can still occur. A truck accident attorney in Louisiana should be contacted as early as possible after the collision to make sure that proper settlement is secured for all the damages suffered by the victims. Individuals who get into a truck accident and attempt to make a claim entirely on their own often end up with a much smaller amount of compensation then what they are legally entitled to.

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