Many people were laid off temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak, but experts gave advice for re-entering the job market in Louisiana after the pandemic ends.

Advice for people who are unemployed due to COVID-19

Hiring and staffing agencies gave advice related to resume creation and other tips for those who need to find new employment due to the virus. One positive aspect of the situation is that employers will be eager to hire again as restrictions ease, and most will be understanding that forced layoffs are not the same as being fired for doing something wrong or misconduct on a previous job. Layoffs often tend to be more of a reflection on the employer than the employee. 

Both the Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana and the Department of Economic Development believe that that situation will get better for workers, but it may not be until the pandemic conditions significantly improve and all restrictions on businesses are lifted.  

The state has been working with various groups and watching economic indicators while listening to public health officials to get people back to work as soon as possible. One group, called Resilient Louisiana Commission, was established to assist businesses with planning for future disasters and related issues to keeping people employed and reopen quickly. The local oil and gas industry in the state experienced very significant losses, although there is little agreement on which sectors will start hiring most quickly and be able to return to business as normal. Some companies will probably need to bring in lots of workers, but the specifics of how this will happen are difficult to predict. 

Updating a resume was one of the most important steps and a relevant piece of advice that job market experts seem to agree on. A resume should be organized, proofread, have an updated timeline of work and other activities, and be kept to one or two pages at maximum. Having another person read it over and ask questions based on the information they find is a good way to check the document and prepare for job interviews.  

Lawyers can help workers who lost their jobs

Some attorneys focus on assisting people with all kinds of employment issues. A lawyer can review your employment situation and make sure you were laid off or terminated for a legal reason. Employers are not allowed to discriminate or find pretextual reasons to end someone’s position. A worker must also be paid all wages that they are owed, including overtime. Just because someone is no longer employed by a business does not mean that they can avoid their legal obligations to pay the person properly. 

Talk to an employment attorney in Louisiana

There are lawyers who give advice to workers who lost their jobs or were not paid correctly. To get more info, contact: 

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

3960 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA 70806


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