Louisiana workers were held back by inconsistent coronavirus restrictions

New Orleans workers and business owners in certain industries expressed frustrations about being able to return to work after restrictions related to the coronavirus began to end. 

New Orleans workers frustrated as government wants to keep them away from their jobs

The city was kept closed longer than many other parts of Louisiana due to a high number of coronavirus cases. The mayor of New Orleans wants to keep bars closed, but workers in this industry were concerned about a lack of clear guidelines and timetable for reopening. The mayor claimed that she wanted to see if Memorial Day weekend and other eased restrictions would cause an increase in coronavirus cases. Some of the specific reopening guidelines for New Orleans related to bar capacity and similar issues would also likely be finalized, but were not concrete at the time of the report. 

The mayor claims that the city is “absolutely” going to move into phase two of reopening, but still trying to see where restrictions in the first phase would be eased or changed if necessary. 

Bar and restaurant owners expressed mixed feelings, as they were not given consistent messages throughout the pandemic. The hospitality industry is also extremely important to the local New Orleans economy, and a quick opening may be necessary for both the city’s overall economy and to save hospitality businesses from closing. One local owner of three bars who was interviewed said that he was concerned that these delays were pushing his businesses to a crucial point. He called the situation dangerous. 

Elsewhere in the state, salons, tattoo parlors, restaurants, and other businesses that depend on a constant flow of customers would be given a chance to operate at 50% capacity once phase two started. Employees and owners in all of these industries are obviously concerned about how they will be able to survive with restrictions in place.  

Unemployment issues and proper wages

Unemployment was a serious problem during the coronavirus pandemic, and many workers in industries such as hospitality and food service were forced out of their jobs. Afterward, the unemployment systems they used appeared to be insufficient or not function properly. 

If an employer has denied you proper wages after a layoff, or you have not received all of the money that is owed to you, it may be necessary to get legal help. An attorney who focuses on labor issues and workplace claims is the best way to make sure that your employer is acting within their rights and not trying to exploit workers. 

Learn more about workplace closures and proper wages

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