A Louisville, KY man recently lost his life in a tragic truck accident that occurred in the 5400 block of Cane Run Road. The driver, who was said to be in his 50’s, was out driving around 7:30 p.m. when he lost control of his vehicle. Wave 3 News said officials weren’t clear as to what caused the man to lose control of the truck but they reported that his vehicle ran off the roadway and then rolled several times before it came to a stop. The man was partially ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. After officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department responded to the call, they confirmed the man had not been wearing his seatbelt.

The Annual Click It or Ticket Campaign Has Begun in Kentucky

While distractions and tired driving have contributed to drivers losing control of their vehicles, another concern is the lack of drivers using their seatbelts. Although we don’t know what caused the truck driver mentioned above to lose control of his vehicle, had he been wearing a seatbelt, there is a chance he may have survived the crash. And because seatbelts are often overlooked and underused, police officers in Jefferson County are preparing for their annual Click It or Ticket campaign.
WDRB reported that the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety briefed local police traffic units on the campaign at the beginning of the month while also urging residents to wear their seat belts. Troy Dye, who is the law enforcement liaison for the northern district of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety said, “whether it’s you, a family member, a friend, or a stranger, wear your seat belt.” Dye also said that not only can a seat belt save your life but also prevent you from sustaining injuries.
The ultimate goal of the Click It or Ticket campaign is to “help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities as a result of not wearing seat belts.” Dye also pointed out that over 50% of the people in the state of Kentucky who are killed in crashes are not wearing their seat belts. And he stated that the number only increases during the nighttime hours. Dye said that nearly 60% of the people who are killed in vehicular accidents during the evening time are not wearing their seat belts. Lt. Micah Sheu of the LMPD also noticed an increase in people not wearing their seat belts at night which is why they will be enforcing more during these hours, more so than they have had to in the past.
While the Click It or Ticket campaign is geared toward identifying drivers who aren’t wearing their seat belts, it is more so done to help spread awareness on how a seat belt can save a life.
The source also highlighted that the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is providing local police departments with grants to help cover costs they incur for their increased efforts while the Click It or Ticket campaign is going on. And police departments are rewarding drivers with tickets to the Kentucky Speedway when they observe them wearing their seat belts properly. And for those caught without it on, they will be cited and fined for breaking the law. However, it appears officials want a greater message to be spread to drivers all across Kentucky as that is, wearing a seat belt can save your life.
While wearing a seat belt seems easy enough and only requires minimal effort on your part, many drivers fail to put it on. But, hopefully, with more officers out looking for these drivers, it will increase the number of motorists who use their seatbelt and decrease the number of injuries and deaths caused by drivers neglecting to wear their safety belts.
If you have been injured in a car accident in Louisville, KY and aren’t sure what steps to take following the incident, consider consulting with a Louisville, KY car accident lawyer. There are many ways you can handle the matter but it depends on who you were involved in an accident with and if any laws were broken. That is why it is best to discuss your recent accident with a Louisville, KY car crash attorney before taking any sort of action against the at-fault party.

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