You were recently pulled over for speeding in Lumberton, NC and were issued a speeding ticket. Do you pay the costly ticket or hire an attorney to fight it for you? While your first thought may be to just pay it, what if this ticket is something you cannot afford? What if the officer’s radar gun picked up a driver’s speed nearby to you but you were the one that was pulled over? There are many “what-if” scenarios that come into play when it comes to speeding tickets which is why you should consult with a Lumberton, NC speeding ticket lawyer before making any decisions on how to address it.


Paying Your Speeding Ticket vs. Hiring a Lumberton, NC Speeding Ticket Attorney to Fight it


Speeding tickets are often expensive and carry many other penalties. Depending on the rate of speed the officer says you were traveling at, you could be looking at having points assessed against your driver’s license and even seeing your car insurance premiums increase. If this is something you are willing to live with, then paying the ticket might be the option for you. However, if you can’t afford the ticket or don’t want to run the risk of receiving points and/or having your car insurance rates be raised, then perhaps you should consider contacting The Law Offices of Mark D. Locklear, PLLC to learn more about how you can fight your speeding ticket.


Speeding Tickets Require Swift Action


Once a speeding ticket has been issued, a driver only has a certain period of time to respond. In most cases, you can either contest the ticket in court or pay it and comply with all other requirements. If you want to contest the ticket in court (i.e. fight it), it is recommended that you contact The Law Offices of Mark D. Locklear, PLLC to speak with a Lumberton, NC speeding ticket attorney who can handle the case for you.

When you retain a speeding ticket lawyer in Lumberton, NC, they will not only help you gather the evidence needed to prove that you were not speeding or that a discrepancy exists with the speed limit the officer allegedly caught you traveling at, but they can even help negotiate a lower penalty. If you know you can’t afford the speeding ticket you recently received or believe you weren’t traveling as fast as the officer claims, it’s time you contact a speeding ticket attorney.


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