Whether you were caught speeding, making an illegal turn, or ran a red light, the ticket you were issued in Lumberton, NC carries some rather serious penalties if it is ignored. Not only will you likely incur fines in addition to the ones you are required to pay as a result of committing the offense, but you could even lose your driving privileges. That’s right. When a driver in North Carolina fails to appear for a trial or hearing or fails to pay the fine, penalty, or court costs ordered by the court, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles must revoke their license.

And it may not be as easy as you would think to get it back.

Once a motorist loses their license, they will likely have to do one of the following to get their driving privileges restored:

  • “Dispose of the charge in the trial division in which he/she failed to appear when the case was last called for trial or hearing.” To do this, you will need to gather sufficient evidence to help you prove that you should not have been issued the ticket.
  • Prove to the court that you are not the person charged with the offense.
  • Pay the penalty, fine, or costs ordered by the court. At this point, the fines may be well beyond what you can afford as additional charges will have been tacked on.
  • Demonstrate to the court that your “failure to pay the penalty, fine, or costs, was not willful and that he is making a good faith effort to pay or that the penalty, fine, or costs should be remitted.”

[Source: §20-24.1].


Unfortunately, once your license is revoked, the violation will be recorded on your driving record. So, what should a driver do when they think they were wrongfully issued a traffic ticket or cannot afford to pay the traffic ticket they were issued? They contact The Law Offices of Mark D. Locklear, PLLC for legal help. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the ticket, a Lumberton, NC traffic ticket lawyer may choose to fight the ticket in court or help to get the fine reduced. If the deadline to respond to your traffic ticket has not yet passed, contact The Law Offices of Mark D. Locklear, PLLC as soon as possible so that a traffic violation lawyer in Lumberton, NC can begin working to resolve your issue.

In the event your driver’s license was already revoked, you may need a Lumberton, NC traffic ticket attorney to step in and help. Regardless of what the circumstances are, if you received a ticket for a traffic violation, The Law Offices of Mark D. Locklear, PLLC wants to help you understand your options so that you can make an informed decision on how you want to address the ticket you received.


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