As Many as 49% of New Mothers May Suffer Birth Injury

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. A recent study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that as many as 49% of women suffer from urinary incontinence after childbirth. 24% of women reported having painful sex a year and a half after giving birth. And a whopping, 77% of women reported suffering from back pain. The sobering results are not limited to the study published in the British journal. According to a recent study performed by the University of Michigan, 29% of women suffered fractures during childbirth and 41% had undiagnosed tears in their pelvic floor muscles. While it is well known that childbirth can be hard on a woman’s body, a shocking number of gynecologists and obstetricians are simply not equipped to give women the post-partum care they need. If you or your child has suffered a serious birth injury as a result of neglect or negligence on the part of your doctor, you may be entitled to receive money to pay for medical and rehabilitative care. Contact The Bowling Law Firm in New Orleans today to learn more.
Women who experience birth injuries can suffer the effects for months, years, and in some cases, for a lifetime. Cosmopolitan reported on women suffering from incontinence for years after giving birth. Many of these women are unable to return to work or to normal life activities as a result. Unfortunately, doctors are simply not equipped to help women when they suffer from post-partum complications. Many physicians are not trained to help women manage post-partum pain. Instead, they are trained to only handle life-threatening conditions. Women may also be embarrassed to speak to their doctors about incontinence or sex issues that linger after childbirth.
In cases where a woman’s pelvic floor muscles are damaged, surgery can mitigate the effects. However, a good physical therapist can sometimes help women recovery without the need for surgery. Unfortunately, many insurance companies only provide limited access to physical therapy. Women may have to pay these bills out of pocket or choose surgery. Finding a good therapist can also be challenging. Not many doctors are trained to help women perform the exercises they’ll need to do in order to properly strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.
In general, most women should have no pelvic pain 6 weeks after giving birth. Painful sex is common with women who are breastfeeding, but this should resolve once you stop breastfeeding. If you experience fecal incontinence at any time or if you still experience pain after 6 weeks, you may want to see your doctor. Finally, it may be a good idea to see a pelvic floor physical therapist before you give birth. The exercises you learn can help you strengthen your muscles so that they are ready for childbirth.
Finally, doctors’ actions can also lead to injuries. If you believe that your birth injuries are the result of a doctor’s medical malpractice, a birth injury attorney in New Orleans, LA may be able to help you seek a recovery to pay for costly rehabilitative care. Visit http://www.lawbowling.com to learn more.

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