The last day of school is a memorable time for most students. Some are looking forward to going on to the next grade level while others are simply ready to enjoy the next few weeks without having to wake up to an alarm or attend classes. But, the last day of the 2017-2018 school year will be one to remember for some students who attended a school in Hartford County. Apparently, a Hartford County School Bus was involved in a single-vehicle accident while transporting students home on the final day of school, according to The Baltimore Sun.
The bus had been traveling north along Bulle Rock Parkway heading toward Route 155 when it went off the road and crashed into a fence. The collision occurred about 300 yards north of a commercial building that sits just before a Bulle Rock residential area.  When Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps personnel arrived at the scene, they found three students on board the bus who attended John Archer School in Bel Aire along with a bus driver.
One student had to be taken to Hartford Memorial Hospital as he/she suffered minor to moderate injuries. The other two students aboard the bus were able to go home with their parents and the bus driver did not need to be transported to an area hospital. The source indicated that the bus was owned by the school system and that the John Archer is a school that serves children with disabilities.

Maryland Bus Driver Crashes Into Tractor Trailer After Addressing a Student Who Was Riding the Bus

Around the same time this traumatic accident transpired, another occurred involving students from
If a bus driver or another negligent driver was responsible for causing a bus collision that left your child injured, contact a Baltimore bus crash attorney to learn how you can file a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf.
Churchville Elementary School [Source: The Baltimore Sun]. The school bus, which is owned by BAMC Student Transportation LLC and serves Hartford County Public Schools, was heading north on Route 136 when it rear-ended a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the northbound side of Route 136. After Maryland State Police and three ambulances arrived at the accident scene, the bus driver, who has been identified as Courtney Renee Vaughn, 41, told officials that she had been “looking in the bus mirror to address a child on the bus” just before the accident occurred. She said that by the time looked back at the road, she saw the tractor-trailer but was unable to stop before crashing into it.
Vaughn was charged with failure to control speed to avoid a collision. As for the students on board, five had to be taken to the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel Aire for the minor injuries they had sustained and Vaughn was taken to the University of Maryland Hartford Memorial Hospital.
Bus accidents are scary, especially when it is your child on board. Many parents who are faced with such circumstances often don’t know what to do following the accident as many are shocked that it even happened. While it is important that your child receives all the medical treatment they can that will help get them back to the condition they were in prior to the accident, parents should also take the time to become more informed on what their legal rights in the matter.
If your child was recently harmed in a bus collision in Baltimore, MD and you would like the opportunity to sit down with a bus accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD to discuss your child’s recent accident, call today and we will gladly get you connected with a legal professional who can help you.

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