Truck driver liability is a complicated legal matter and it often takes the investigation of a truck accident lawyer to sort out who was responsible for the collision. The first person to get the blame for an accident is usually always the truck driver. Since truck drivers are expected to follow such strict rules and regulations, it can be easy for them to slip up and be held to account when an accident takes place.

Though it may be easy to assume the driver was responsible, most cases involve other parties as well such as the trucking company, and any party responsible for manufacturing the truck or maintaining the truck parts. Sometimes, both the driver and the other parties will be held responsible, while at other times, it may just be one specific party who is compelled to pay all the damages. The amount and type of evidence a person presents to the court will determine how much compensation is to be given, and who is expected to give this compensation.

What should I do right after getting into a truck accident?


Right after getting into a truck accident, a person should not hesitate before getting in touch with a truck accident lawyer. If a truck accident lawyer is contacted shortly after the collision, they can help speed up the legal process and also make sure the insurance company doesn’t give a person a lower offer then what they have a legal right to.

After tending to any injuries, and calling an attorney, a person can begin the process of collecting evidence to help figure out who was responsible for the accident. A person will be entitled to receive as much as they suffered. The larger their bills are after the accident, the more they can claim from the at-fault party.

Many individuals make the mistake of giving away too much information after the accident. When they say too much to the other drivers, their insurer, or the police officers, they can end up making their case worse as anything they say can be used against them. The first move victims of such a collision should make is to call an experienced lawyer and tell them about their situation. A lawyer will be able to guide them on what they should say and what they should do next to ensure victory in their case.

If anyone has made the mistake of speaking with their insurer right after the accident, and their insurer has already given them a low offer they can still decline it if they have not signed any agreement with them. An attorney can help counter the lower claim and push them to give a higher settlement amount.

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