Contractor from New Jersey Appeals Medical Malpractice Case to Superior Court, Appeal gets Rejected

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has upheld the decision made by a lower court, the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, and has essentially declined the appeal made by the plaintiff in the case. The plaintiff listed in court documents is Gerald Cohen, as reported by

Patient wants more!

The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas had in fact ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a medical malpractice case and had awarded him damages totaling to $100,000. However, both Cohen and his Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney felt that Cohen was entitled to and deserved a much higher amount for the damages he had incurred, the hospital neglect, and thus appealed the case to the superior court.

The incident in question happened nearly a decade ago with the first lawsuit filed by Cohen back in 2012. According to Cohen, he sustained injuries while employed at St. Mary Medical Center while transporting a patient. Following the unforeseen injury, Cohen opted to use benefits of his employment contract by choosing to be treated at the Triad, a healthcare facility setup up exclusively for employees of St. Mary Medical Center.

The lawsuit claims that during this treatment, Cohen sustained further injuries and his condition was aggravated instead of being alleviated. Supposedly he was under the care of an occupational therapist named Chester Ganczarz who is portrayed as a negligent person in the lawsuit and has been accused of afflicting Cohen with injuries to his neck and shoulder. This is a clear sign of hospital neglect.

After the verdict of the lower court, Cohen and his legal counsel contended that since St. Mary’s hospital was both the employer and the healthcare provider for Cohen. Therefore, they were liable to compensate him for both workers compensation and medical malpractice and claimed he should be paid an amount of $500,000.

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Pittsburg woman filed medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence in husband’s death

The plaintiff in the case is Tanya Hankins – Hollinger, and the lawsuit names University of Pittsburg Medical Center Shadyside Hospital and the United States of America as defendants liable for said damages.

As reported by, the lawsuit claims that the decedent, Hankins’ husband, approached and consulted University of Pittsburg Medical Center Shadyside Hospital complaining of chest pain but was not diligently evaluated and was discharged negligently after hospital staff concluded that the symptoms were not of a cardiac nature. This another sign of hospital neglect.

However, the defendants allegedly failed to administer a CT scan of the patient’s chest which would have revealed that he was suffering from adenocarcinoma of the lungs (a condition because of which he eventually passed away). The plaintiff’s Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer also alleges that had the victim been diagnosed while the condition was still in its developing stages, his death could have been averted.

Knowing the law

As per Pennsylvania State Law and enforced by Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys, medical malpractice is defined as an act of negligence or omission by the healthcare provider which causes injury, harm, or death to the patient. If you have any issues in this realm and need some help, the virtual world can be your real world salvation. Some terrific medical malpractice lawyers exist on this website right here:,

There exists an acceptable standard of care and when medical professionals breach this standard, they are guilty of malpractice. If proven guilty in a court of law, such medical organizations/individuals are liable to compensate the plaintiff for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

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