NY Hospital Warns of Potential HIV, Hepatitis Infection after Insulin Injections

The South Nassau Communities Hospital near New York has issued a warning that around 4,200 patients might be at risk of HIV, hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B infection because they were administered insulin injections using a pen reservoir instead of a disposable needle. Though the hospital has said that the risk of infection is low, many patients have already signed up for free blood tests.Insulin Injections

Why would you not? It would be derelict for them not too.

So Far, So Good

According to the CDC, there is a possibility of blood regurgitation when the pen is used, so just changing the needle is not sufficient. A hospital spokesperson said that they do not have any knowledge of anyone having been infected because of the use of the insulin pen.

Make the Phone Call

When a hospital that is expected to provide healthcare treatment fails to follow or implement safe procedures and exposes the patients to additional risk of infections, they can sue it for medical negligence. If you suspect that your healthcare provider is guilty of using infected injection pens on you, you need to consult with a medical malpractice lawyer.

From Beginning to End

To prove medical malpractice, the lawyer will ascertain that you were a patient at the hospital, that the standard of precautions taken to reduce risk of infection was less than the reasonable care hospitals are expected to take, and that you have been adversely affected because of this. The negative effect of this can be an infection or the stress you have undergone because of the knowledge that you were unnecessarily exposed to such risks.

A medical malpractice lawyer will be able to use the medical records and hospital records to present a case of medical negligence before a court. The actual compensation you receive for this will be determined by a jury if the case comes up in court or by negotiations with the insurance company if they agree to pay up.

The Right Response

South Nassau is not in an ideal position right now. They need to do what they can to mitigate any health complications to any of the patients under their care. They may have failed in their responsibility but they do not want to poor salt on the wounds because that could be a larger financial headache for them down the road.

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