Over 500 Patients File Medical Malpractice Cases against KDMC

Over 500 patients of King’s Daughters Medical Center have filed medical malpractice suits against it for performing unnecessary cardiac procedures that were harmful to the patients. The lawyers representing the patients claim that a neutral local doctor examined the medical records and found that the cardiac procedures such as heart stenting were unnecessary.

Not Just One Mistake!

According to the lawyers this left the patients in considerable pain and discomfort apart from making them distrustful of medical practitioners. The lawyers claim that the cardiac procedures were performed to avail of Mediclaim, insurance, and Medicare medicalfunds.

How can a hospital make so many mistakes? This is a mistake from management. This is not just a single omission; this is an error that was allowed by a system that had malfunctioned. This hospital probably needs to be gutted with new people running it.

For its part, KDMC has said that it has procedures in place to deal with medical malpractice suits and it cannot comment on the present cases as there was not sufficient information available yet. However, the center said that it stood by its cardiac surgeons.

An Attorney by Your Side

If you suspect that you were unnecessarily subjected to a medical procedure you need to retain the services of a medical malpractice lawyer who will obtain your medical records from the hospital and have them examined by other doctors. This will provide the lawyer with the information needed to file a medical malpractice suit against the medical center and surgeon who performed the unnecessary surgery or procedure on you.

Often, unneeded medical procedures can lead to harm for the patient and cause pain and discomfort. In such cases the doctor, the medical center, and their insurance companies will be asked to provide the patient with financial compensation.

Building a Case

A medical malpractice lawyer will be able to use the patient and medical records as well as the opinion of other doctors to prove that the procedure performed on you was unnecessary and not usually performed on patients in your condition. This will often help convince the jury of the medical malpractice and decide in your favor.


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