The Los Angeles County Board Approves of this Irrational Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

This Tuesday witnessed a major settlement of a medical malpractice case, reported medical malpractice attorneys. The settlement was approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The claim, which amounted to a massive $7.5 million, was made by a toddler who was born with a specific type of brain injury at a hospital that was run by the county.Medical Malpractice

The amount was meant to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit that was filed against the hospital went on to state that the baby boy, who is now one and half years old, was deprived of oxygen supply to his brain because the mother, Dyrene Loftis, had suffered a rupture in his uterus during the process of delivery.

Why is Dyrene having a baby?

This is a woman who does not have a job and has two children already whom she cannot support.

The medical malpractice attorney who represented the child in this case stated that the injury that was inflicted on the mother could be easily prevented since his mother reported at the LA County USC Medical Center with a complaint of severe abdominal pain. However, she was discharged by a medical resident. However, the mother, who was almost 39 weeks pregnant then and was staying at a homeless shelter in downtown and had a couple of other young children who were dependent on her, came back to the hospital in a matter of 12 hours and had to undergo an immediate C Section.

Is Dyrene Trying to be Like Octomom?

Her medical malpractice lawyers asserted in the lawsuit that during the 14 hours that were spent in the delivery and labor unit of the facility, the mother was not attended to by any of the obstetricians. The hospital simply wanted to get rid of the patient, not believing that there was any significant pain. The attorneys stated that because of the settlement, the case will be registered with the Medical Board of Investigation. He also stated that the settlement, which includes about $300,000 towards the payment of the medical costs of the baby, will now allow the mother to buy a home and will shift him out of a 24 hour care facility.

The loser mother is now rich for being irresponsible and a bankrupt city is now even more in the red.

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