The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the closure of many businesses, some of which may never be able to open back up again. But it hasn’t had much of a negative effect on the medical marijuana industry. Instead, companies like AltMed, which is the parent company of MUV dispensaries, say the cannabis industry is thriving [Source: Bay News 9].

MUV says that it has opened 12 new locations in Florida this year alone and recently opened its 23rd retail store in Bradenton this week. The company has plans to open up 10 more locations by the end of 2020. Todd Beckwith, who is the Director of Corporate Affairs, says “all the growth has led to an economic boost. While many workers are being laid off or furloughed, MUV hired hundreds of new employees.”

Beckwith says MUV now has 500 full-time employees working for the company and expects to have 750-800 by the end of the year. The product that has helped the company continue to thrive despite the crisis the country is going through is the whole plant cannabis flower. An anonymous patient shared that, “cannabis can help alleviate the additional anxiety brought on by COVID-19.” That patient also said “I think [cannabis sales] are rising because people are just looking for an alternative way to try and beat what they’re going through. No one wants this opioid crisis, no one wants to be saddled down drinking all the time. [Cannabis] is a much healthier option.”

Bay News 9 says there are more than 360,000 cannabis patients in Florida who have a medical marijuana card.


Are you an investor in Florida who is considering opening a medical marijuana dispensary?


Before a business owner can open and operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida, certain requirements must be met. Aside from paying hefty fees, there are many documents the State of Florida requires you to fill out and submit. Because the process of opening a medical marijuana dispensary isn’t an easy one, you should consult with an Orlando, FL business law attorney before making any commitments.

If you would like to learn more about what the State of Florida requires a business owner to do in order to open a medical marijuana dispensary in or near Orlando, FL, contact Legal Counsel P.A. Although opening a medical marijuana dispensary might be a bit of a challenge for some, you can get through the process much easier when you have an Orlando, FL business law lawyer working by your side and helping you.


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