With the increased amount of gun violence that occurred this past Memorial Day weekend, lawmakers are looking to implement some changes.

Memorial Day weekend is becoming a huge concern for cities all across the U.S., including Grand Rapids, MI. According to mlive.com, there were a total of seven shootings that occurred over the course of the holiday weekend, four of which may have been attempted murder as each involved an individual who sustained injuries. Although there isn’t an explanation yet as to why there has been a spike in the number of shootings that transpired over the holiday break, residents are concerned as summer is only about to begin and they fear it could get worse.

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In the past three years, Grand Rapids saw two attempted murder cases arise during Memorial Day weekend so comparing that to the number that police released this holiday weekend clearly displays a serious concern. The news source highlighted some of the shootings and where they occurred. Some of that information is provided below for you.

  • One shooting occurred on May 27th around 7:30 p.m. in the 900 block of Madison Avenue SE. When police arrived on scene, they found a 23-year old male with gunshot wounds to his pelvis and legs.
  • On that same night around 9:30 p.m., police were dispatched to a call where 13-15 teenagers were apparently fighting. When police arrived in the area of Merrill Avenue and Eton Street SW, they found nearly 40 shell casings. No victims were on scene.
  • Within the next hour, a 21-year old male arrived at the local hospital with a gunshot wound to his pelvis. Apparently, there was a shooting in Southwest Grand Rapids which is when he sustained the injuries.

While these shootings are still under intense investigation, it would be advisable for those involved to hire a local Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer at Gordon & Hess, PLC should they be accused of having any involvement. It can be expected that police and other investigators will be on the lookout for witnesses and others who might be guilty of engaging in the crime.

Miami Mayor is Voicing His Concerns as Well

Grand Rapids isn’t the only city that saw chaos this past Memorial Day Weekend. According to CBS Miami, Mayor Levine is looking to restrict alcohol sales in Ocean Drive bars stating that it cannot be sold after 2:00 a.m.  A fatal shooting occurred this past holiday weekend which gave rise to this new restriction the Mayor is pushing for. He also stated that he is looking to bring back peace and tranquility to the area that seems to no longer exist. The Mayor wants to take away an exemption that would now restrict bars and clubs on Ocean Drive from projecting noise eastbound.
While Memorial Day weekend is generally a time when family and friends get together to relax and have fun, it is becoming more a worry for cities and lawmakers as the crime rate is increasing.

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