A car crash that caused a fire in Memphis, Tennessee resulted in the deaths of at least two people. 

Deadly crash in Memphis kills two

The situation began at the intersections of East Parkway and Central Ave in the early hours of a Friday morning. There was a woman in a Honda Accord stopped at a traffic light facing northbound. A male driver in a Cadillac suddenly slammed into the back of her vehicle. The cars proceeded for several hundred feet after the intersection, and the Honda vehicle erupted into a blaze. Witnesses in the area say that a man who lived nearby approached the cars with a fire extinguisher to attempt to put out the fire before the police arrived. 

The northbound lanes of East Parkway and the westbound traffic on Central Ave needed to be totally blocked for several hours afterward due to the accident

The female driver was 26 years old and the male driver was 65. Their identities were released to the local news and their families after their deaths were confirmed by medical crews shortly after arriving on the scene. A lieutenant with the Memphis police said that alcohol may have been involved in the car crash, but they are going to do a full investigation before making any assumptions. 

There was some confusion initially about the number of victims involved. Police had first said that three people were killed, but it seems that only two victims were identified. 

Proving fault in an accident 

When one driver is responsible for another’s injuries or death, they will be considered to be at fault for both the purposes of insurance and the legal process. This means that they will have to cover the victim’s related costs. 

Fatal crashes and the law

An unfortunate risk for all drivers is the possibility of being fatally injured during a collision. When this happens, the family of the victim can speak with a lawyer to begin the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit

Deadly accidents can be extremely expensive for a family. There are bills from hospitals and doctors for medical treatment, sudden costs for funeral and burial services are not cheap either. In addition to these costs, the spouse or children may be left without their primary source of financial support. Because the total of all of these unforeseen problems can add up to thousands of dollars quickly, it is important to get started with a lawsuit to receive proper compensation.  

Speak with a local attorney who focuses on automobile injuries

There are attorneys throughout the state of Tennessee who assist victims with lawsuits and other important procedures that follow an accident. For more information, contact: 

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