The insurance industry is feeling the pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic as it is not only receiving an influx of claims filed by employers, physicians, and business owners that it must respond to, but it is also being sued for its failure to provide coverage to policyholders. As more and more people turn to insurers for relief (i.e. financial help, medical coverage, etc.), the less likely carriers are to provide timely responses to these claims. If you recently filed a workers’ comp claim and have yet to receive the benefits you are entitled to, now might be a good time to let an experienced Miami, FL workers’ compensation attorney intervene.

Although the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation issued an informational memorandum to all insurers reminding them that “first responders, health care workers, and others that contract COVID-19 due to work-related exposure are entitled to protections under workers’ comp law,” that doesn’t necessarily mean insurers are complying or are responding to claims within a reasonable amount of time. So, where does that leave ill or injured workers in Miami, FL? Without medical benefits and/or a way to cover their monthly financial obligations.

As someone who is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you are not only entitled to have your medical care covered, but you are also likely entitled to receive a portion of your salary if your illness or injury caused you to miss days at work. These benefits are essential for injured or ill workers to obtain as some cannot afford their bills or visit the doctor without them. Therefore, if you contracted COVID-19 while working in Miami or suffered an injury on the job, Mario Trespalacios P.A. is ready and available to assist you with the claims process.

With more and more insurers looking for ways to deny benefits, it is in your best interest for you hire Miami, FL workers’ comp lawyer Mario Trespalacios who can protect your rights as an injured or ill worker in Miami.


Was a loved one of yours killed in a workplace accident or did they pass away from an illness they contracted?


If you answered yes, then you should be aware that you might be entitled to recover workers’ compensation benefits on your loved one’s behalf. Some of the benefits Florida’s Chief Financial Officer says you may be eligible to receive include:


  • Funeral expenses, up to $7,500.
  • Compensation for dependents.
  • Educational benefits to the surviving spouse.


Now, if you’re ready to get your worker’ comp claim filed and approved or you have a concern you’d like a workers’ comp lawyer in Miami to address, contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. today.


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