Insurance claim denials are a lot more common than most people think, and anyone who finds themselves in such a situation where their insurer rejects their claim for no valid reason will need to speak with a lawyer to start fighting for their rights. If an insurer sends a settlement offer this by no means implies that this is the final deal. As long as a person does not sign the agreement, they can still provide evidence and references to prove that they deserve to receive more compensation and that they should be receiving a higher settlement amount.

Insurance companies naturally profit by giving smaller settlement amounts. However, they always have to justify their reason for denying a claim or giving a smaller offer than expected. Common reasons that insurance companies deny the claim include:

  • Exclusions in the insurance policy
  • Questioning the injury
  • Attributing fault to the insured
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Misrepresentation on the insurance file

A person may also have their claim denied if they failed to pay their monthly premium or if they failed to follow the detailed policy requirements put forth by the insurer when they originally signed up for the contract. No matter what the reason cited by the insurer is, a person should seek legal counsel to get advice on what their next steps should be, so they are fairly compensated and not taken advantage of.

Steps to take after an insurance claim denial in Miami, Florida

The first course of action a person should take after an insurance claim denial is they should determine on what basis the insurer refused their claim. If there was no explanation, a person should call and request that a valid reason be provided to them. After understanding what the reason was, individuals should try to reconcile the problem and negotiate with the insurer. This is best left to an attorney as they will know what words to use and what evidence to bring up to easily convince the insurer without aggravating the situation.

A person should also familiarize themselves with their policy, so they better understand how to respond to the insurer. Once again, a lawyer who specializes in dealing with insurance claim denials can help a person negotiate with the insurance company until a fair settlement amount is agreed on. If it turns out that the insurer was acting in bad faith at the end of the day, then a person can get compensated for their claim amount and additional financial hardships they incurred while negotiating with the insurer because of all the time that was unnecessarily wasted.


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